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Nicky Samuel founder of Sukha Yoga takes a look at the differences between the Manduka Black Mat PRO and Manduka PROlite Yoga Mats. Both are backed by a life…




  • LocoStrange 7 years ago

    This is exactly what I was looking for but was having trouble finding. Thank-you for posting this

  • Nicky Samuel 7 years ago

    I am so glad this has been helpful. I will be posting more soon so please keep on looking out for the next one!

  • tiny hayward 7 years ago

    im saving for my Black mat pro 85″ But at 6ft8″and 18 stone will it be big enough. My old mat is longer but not as wide or as thick . My yoga instructor raves about hers. So looking forward to getting one

  • Nicky Samuel 7 years ago

    Hi There, I am sure you will enjoy the added width on the Manduka Black Mat PRO. This will hopefully mean you are not spending all your practice with your hands on the floor rather than on the mat 🙂

  • Fujin Jr 7 years ago

    I own the PROlite: is made to last, but offer no grip at all : (

  • SukhaYogaTV 7 years ago

    Hi There
    I am sorry to hear that you are finding that your PROlite is not offering you much grip.
    All Manduka PRO yoga mats require a breaking in period. This happens naturally as you use the mat, or you can speed up the process by scrubbing your mat with a damp cloth and rock salt or by spraying the mat with Manduka Yoga Mat Cleaner, leaving it for 5 mins and then wiping off.
    You may need to repeat this process a couple of times.
    I hope this helps.

  • SukhaYogaTV 7 years ago

    Please also be aware that the Manduka PRO yoga mats do not absorb sweat and dirt. This is great as it means your yoga mat will not smell, however dirt will sit on top of the mat and eventually make the surface slippery. It is good practice to clean your mat regularly.
    If you practice Ashtanga yoga, you will always need to use an eQua towel on top of the mat after you have completed the first series, I think you will find this is the case with most yoga mats and an Ashtanga practice.

  • Fujin Jr 7 years ago

    It’s been 3 months of almost everyday practice on this mat and I did the scrub process 2 times a week, but I still slip, therefore this week I ordered an eQua towel standard hoping that will solve the problem.

    Anyway the mat is really solid and closed cells are great to prevent bacterial infiltration; but if someone want to buy these mats he/she should buy a mat towel as well, in my humble opinion.

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