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Wondering which yoga mat to choose for your practice? Let us break it down for you! Whether you’re just starting, or have been doing it for years, like to ke…




  • naaomi 7 years ago

    Hi, I recently purchased “The Mat” and in the instructions, it says to saturate the mat surface thoroughly after 6-8 uses. What does that exactly mean? I’ve been wiping my mat down after each use with tea tree oil and water.

  • elysiumx444 7 years ago

    Hi Naomi. I just bought the mat also, and in the description it says to soak it completely in water if you’re a heavy sweater.
    Personally I won’t be cleaning it after each use since I do about 10 to 20 min of yoga a day. Just Suryanamaskar A and B, and I don’t sweat that much.
    Cheers ^_^

  • JessePinkmanYo 7 years ago

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  • madstowey 7 years ago

    Hi, any online store that sells them in the UK? Thanks!

  • Porcia Boateng 7 years ago

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