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It is short variant of this video. Here I’m making some asanas I know. have a nice watching 😉




  • ssmuscle 7 years ago

    An AMAZING vid!
    Awesome back bends
    And beautiful execution!

  • shakti yoga 7 years ago

    Hi Zura, Very nice video… Great respect to your yoga devotion, Best wishes

  • anakrousis 7 years ago

    You have evolved unique style with your practice…a pleasure to watch.

    Namaste, brother.

  • Zura Kazishvili 7 years ago

    thanks everyone :)))))

  • Wayne Krassner 7 years ago

    great hatha thanks 4 in spiring, namaste W

  • grantall 7 years ago

    Totally beautiful !

  • dancersrgreat 7 years ago

    Dancers have simular poses and meditation excercises… Great video…

  • Jack Beanstalk 7 years ago

    My god! Hot! Looks bloody difficult. I need to give yoga a go

  • geojorge1369 7 years ago

    Beautifully fluid! Strength, balance and form, very inspirational!

  • asana17 7 years ago

    good luck to find my human friend

  • tuisunn 7 years ago

    you’re great!!

  • solilanu 7 years ago

    hello! It must be great to do all this asanas, may be one day i can. i want to ask you a favor, the music is beautifull can you tell me who plays this, please?

  • shivakartikeya 7 years ago

    wonderful..You got Shiva’s energy! I would like to know wich song is this. Success!

  • JeffreyScott2008 7 years ago

    Absolutely amazing!!! Wish I were as flexibly as you.

  • Dev Prasad Neupane 7 years ago

    how did you learn such a difficult Asana ???? i am really impressed and i want to learn yoga!!!

  • angierawr3 7 years ago

    Wow!  I wish I was that flexible!

  • Ivo Hrq 7 years ago

    Wow im impresed i would love to be that flexible too

  • freethinkeriam 7 years ago

    beautiful. thanks man.

  • Brenda Salazar 7 years ago

    amazing! can you share the music you used for this?

  • Zura Kazishvili 7 years ago

    thank you brenda! but… I don’t remember no artist no neme of music 🙁

  • João Vitor Loureiro 7 years ago

    you’re really wonderful!! flexible and stunning!!

  • 4epupaha 7 years ago

    хорошая база

  • Tatiana Bluashvili 7 years ago


  • Zura Kazishvili 7 years ago

    mec miyvarxar tati :*

  • onyxore jones 7 years ago

    voices in the dark -Enigma

  • unlockthepower 7 years ago

    How does one achieve this level of supreme flexibility?

  • Felipe Chepkassoff 7 years ago

    Great performance! Congratulations!!!!

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