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Legs and Butt FixClass 1 of the ‘Yoga for strong body’ program – Strengthen your leg muscles a




  • Art of Life Coaching 3 years ago

    Perfect timing. Been having lower back troubles and use your somatic videos
    and many others. So grateful to you and for you.

  • Steve Butler 3 years ago
  • nutteloos99 3 years ago

    Esther, best yoga teacher on the tube.

  • Mrs. Vasquez 3 years ago
  • Ekhart Yoga 3 years ago
  • Art of Life Coaching 3 years ago

    Quick question: is this good to do every day, or is it better to alternate
    one day on, one day off? Usually for working certain muscles they say give
    it a day’s rest in between so just wanted to check. Thanks.

  • Misty Leidal 3 years ago

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