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  • AstroEdifyENG 5 years ago

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  • mahesh kumar 5 years ago

    good info………my moon in 8th house ,but no planets in 7th house & 9th
    house………thula rasi ,meena lagna,vishaka star 

  • Leila Kapoor 5 years ago

    Hello! Thank you for the video! If there are aspects to Ch is this yoga
    till forming??

  • astrolearn 5 years ago

    My viewpoint is that moon needs support from other planets. I here quote
    some lines by – Rajendra Rasiklal Shah on ‘Moon, Mind & Kemadruma Yoga’
    “In Kemadrum yoga, there is not a planet to support the Moon on either
    side. There are no well defined boundaries for the mental activity. There
    is not a specific subject of
    interest to control the mental activity. Remember, here the strong or week
    Moon is not
    the matter. But, the mind without any control excessively gets all the
    characteristics of
    Moon’s sign as per the position in the house (Bhava) in the horoscope. In
    this situation, the mind is continuously engaged in the non-productive
    mental activity denoted by Moon’s sign and Bhava. The person may not be
    able to concentrate any activity and behave like rolling stone. This could
    be a negative factor for the responsible works of life.
    The over activity of the mind does not allow the person to concentrate on
    the basic needs in the realistic world and may make a person irresponsible
    towards his social duties.
    The basic question is: Does Kemadrum Yoga really gives monetary poorness?
    If we
    analyze the results of Kemadrum Yoga by words, it can be clearly said that
    Kemadrum Yoga gives Resourcelessness i.e. cutoff situation from the
    resources as well as poorness. Is this about only monetary poorness? In my
    humble opinion and observation, the persons having Kemadrum yoga are not
    found monetarily poor. Thus this Yoga talks about the “flaw/weakness” of
    mental activity and not the monetarily poorness throughout the life.”

  • Ayush Mishra 5 years ago

    Awesome video, i was just searching an explanation like this. 🙂 Keep it

  • Frederick Carreon 5 years ago

    Hi there sir….can u please make a full video on D60Shashtiamsa chart.
    Really appreciate it!!!!

  • Anirban Roy 5 years ago

    in Michael Jackson horoscope Jupiter aspect moon. in Bill gates horoscope
    3 planets other than Jupiter aspect moon in 10th – mars mercury and rahu.
    then how it can b a perfect example of kemdrum yoga for both

  • skystranger73 5 years ago

    I like your explanation of this yoga, but honestly i don’t think background
    music is a good idea =) Thank you!

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