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Practice the two most important yoga breathing exercises, or pranayamas. These instructions are for intermediate yoga students. Sukadev and Aruna guide you t…




  • Alex Cavenagh 7 years ago

    Hey, hello .. I’m enjoying your yoga classes to improve the pain in the sciatic nerve. You are very good in their classes. I live in Brazil, in the Midwest, the city of Goiania. Always at the end of the day, I watch their classes. A big hug. I am Alex.

  • capoyogi 7 years ago

    Great job on the videos!

  • Marcus Spain 7 years ago

    This technique gave me a very strong emotional response after the 5th day of practice. It made me feel very anxious. I stopped immedately and after 3-4 days I’ve started feeling much stronger again. Please can you advise. That was a very unpleasant reaction that I had.

  • Marcus Spain 7 years ago

    WARNING: I’ve just found out from a yoga teacher that this technique is a very powerful energy cleansing technique that can produce emotional releases from past trauma. In my opinion it should have a warning in the top paragraph and spoken warning in the video. I’ve had some pretty unpleasant feelings of anxiety and wanting to cry from it as the energetic blockages are being released. Please be careful with it. ( I did it every morning for a week before it happened and have not recovered yet )

  • YogaVidyaEnglish 7 years ago

    Marcus, yes many aspects of yoga can open unpleasant feelings and anxiety. Usually this comes from emotional events and issues that you have stored in your body and not released. It is actually a good thing when these emotions try to break free. You should go slowly with pranayama so it does not become more than you can handle.

  • YogaVidyaEnglish 7 years ago

    Marcus continuing – Meditation will help with being able to deal with these feelings. Also diet can be a factor, and if you are willing, try to reduce or eliminate meat from the diet. There are also other dietary changes that can be made but you don’t want to make too many changes too fast. Good luck to you!

  • Kurt Justin 7 years ago

    stopping drinking beer, and ingesting ones body with bad stuff, this may be a lasting step in clearing and cleansing oneself., don’t screw it up by stopping
    not saying you do those things, as only one can tell )

  • Kurt Justin 7 years ago

    “Pain that one thought was good going in, it may return that same pain you brought to others, as it leaves one with the reminders of what’s being undone…Tom”

  • Diane Simmons 7 years ago

    I loved it…thought it was great…I will do again tomorrow and see how I feel…

  • Ramon Balaguer 7 years ago

    Hi, which videos would you recommend to learn basic breathing exercises?

  • Misha Gidosh 7 years ago

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