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Participants relive their experience of the 21-day Isha Hata Yoga program, and explain how the asanas, angamardhana, upayoga and surya kriya have transformed…




  • What is the chant in the background?
    Thank you

  • Valart VALERIE HOPE BENNETT 7 years ago

    thanks for sharing, I cant wait to get some of that Hata Yoga bliss I will be visiting soon thank you.

  • sudershan tandy 7 years ago

    Hey guys do you have a centre in Pondicherry where I could sit and mediatate?

  • TheIndusCivilization 7 years ago

    Come on Isha we are roaring. Sadhguruji

  • karthikeyansampath1 7 years ago

    Please visit contact us page in ishafoundation website

  • karthikeyansampath1 7 years ago

    Track Number 4 on this page ishafoundation[dot]org/soundsofisha/album/trigun/

  • ishafoundation 7 years ago

    You can find information about local centers from the contact us page in the ishafoundation website

  • ishafoundation 7 years ago

    Track4 from this album Trigun ishafoundation[dot]org/soundsofisha/album/trigun/

  • sarthakrocker 7 years ago

    Namaskaram, I would love to know that if you conduct hata yoga program outside the ashram. If not then how can we contact your hata yoga trained teachers if they teach these practices.

    I have done my inner engineering and would love to learn authentic hata yoga now, specially angamardhana. I can’t come to ashram for this program due to the fact that im still a student.

    If you can help me, it would be great.

  • Thank You

  • varun m 7 years ago

    Namashkaram, You can contact your local center or ashram in coimbatore , they will give you contact information of teachers who have attended the Hatha Yoga Teachers training rogram in th ashram.

  • sarthakrocker 7 years ago

    Thanks alot!

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