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HYC Yoga Arm Balance DVD Melbourne Australia.




  • S3TPROGRAM 7 years ago

    great video… can you show something with the ropes on the wall?

  • Jacqueine Brumley 7 years ago

    You can see what the ropes do on the DVD.
    They are amazing…

  • nikkirickard 7 years ago

    inspiring! (even if a little scary!). the perfect location for arm balances 🙂

  • SALDINGERM 7 years ago

    Great video. Can i join your classes?

  • Jacqueine Brumley 7 years ago

    Come… on the house for Salingerm:-)

  • janm814 7 years ago

    Great Video. So much to learn. Maybe there’s hope for me with my yoga practice.

  • Fetrecen 7 years ago

    I consider myself truly lucky to have found such wonderful teachers once I decided to start practicing yoga. Jacqui and Shimon bring an ideal combination of knowledge, experience and love to the practice of yoga. Under their guidance my practice initiated, matured and continues to grow.
    This DVD is an example of how Jacqui and Shimon creatively apply their technical knowledge and experience to make challenging asanas accessible to students.

  • Jacqueine Brumley 7 years ago

    Thanks for kind comments

  • Jacqueine Brumley 7 years ago

    Thanks for the kind feedback

  • papatooth1 7 years ago

    so how do i get the video, is it broken up into parts on you tube?

  • David Mosier 7 years ago

    that guy is seriously strong

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