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How To Stop Thinking When MeditatingOne of the biggest struggles most people have when they start meditating is that they can’t stop thi




  • Warren McDaniel 5 years ago

    You meditate and have a very attractive face… Will you marry me? We can
    become enlightened together <3

    In all seriousness, excellent video. Meditation can seem very
    counterintuitive. To stop the thinking, you must allow the thoughts to
    arise, recognize or label them, and then refocus on the breath or whatever
    your preferred anchor is. Consciously attempting to control the thoughts
    will only further encourage the monkey mind.

  • Anas357 5 years ago

    Great video. I’m all motivated to start mediatating now! ..and maybe one
    day become a medi-tater :P

  • Ernesto Haibi 5 years ago

    Another excellent concise explanation. People who need to know more should
    start here and then delve deeper once basic concepts are understood.

  • Wouter Schreuders 5 years ago

    Well I can’t say I agree with this. I’ve had many meditation sessions where
    I experience zero thoughts for 20 minutes.

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