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Watch How To Perform Yoga Postures For Menstrual Pain Relief from the world’s leading how to specialist. This instructional video will give you helpful instr…




  • Alii Elizabeth 7 years ago

    I don’t have any yoga mats, blocks or belts..sigh, oh well, guess I’ll keep looking for easier pain relievers :/

  • sabrinah jones 7 years ago

    K then

  • MrLilort 7 years ago

    is that a dude:D hahah.

  • Ella Payne 7 years ago

    you have real bad camel toe..

  • NessaPwnzN00bz 7 years ago

    Because all yoga poses are unisex and beneficial for more reasons than one.

  • LipstickBiebGirl 7 years ago

    you really think that a girl who dies from the pain gonna do all these things? 😛 & you used a boy for period pain?LOL.

  • bernice Kinyanjui 7 years ago

    I have nothing against yoga and all…but SERIOUSLY?? Ma legs cant go that far apart….especially when uterus is gushin blood

  • muciar1 7 years ago

    pekna baba dobre si nozky roztahuje pekne muslu otvara

  • muciar1 7 years ago

    ma nadherne chodidla a palce na nich

  • brosephany120 7 years ago

    @LipstickBiebGirl I heard of people starting these a week before so that the muscles are already nice and stretched

  • Megan O'Malley 7 years ago

    5:12, nope! not going there. im done, im out. c ya!!

  • Tulip Yellow 7 years ago

    i dont have any of these supplies except a mat. maybe make another video without all these extras that most youtubers done have.

  • 808kaichick 7 years ago

    u don’t need any of that. Im doing this on my couch

  • Madolyn Vogel 7 years ago

    That lady has the BIGGEST cameltoe I have ever seen…

  • Elizabeth Blodgett 7 years ago

    This helps.

  • Blair Bass 7 years ago

    I have all the stuff needed, but I cant do most of the exercises because I have a tricky bad knee

  • perlamedina87 7 years ago

    This is great! Btw even if you don’t have all the things she works with, you can replicate it with pillows and a scarf… be creative 🙂

  • ninetreeplanet 7 years ago


  • amandaschulzzz 7 years ago

    Ease up people. Respect the Toe!

  • erajuga 7 years ago

    Omfg hahahahaha

  • Kendra Baker 7 years ago

    Why would I have all that crap in my house? What do I use instead, 2 bricks, a leather belt, some towels and a sleeping bag?

  • Brittany White 7 years ago

    shit not in my house i can barely eat or move when i have my period …the fact that she can do all that is beyond me lol

  • Nibbler800 7 years ago

    I know! … I was kinda expecting the list to go on even more…like some spoof comedy sketch … “For these exercises you’ll need a yoga mat, blocks, belts, a kitchen sink, two bags of flour, one cuddly toy, and……… ” ;-))

  • Sophia Cruz 7 years ago

    Why do u place the Buddha Image on the floor? I know you don’t know or whatever. Please place is on something like chair or stand. Is not a statue. Is treasure for Buddhism. Thx

  • Dilhani Perera 7 years ago

    Yes I also agree plzz do not keep the Buddha statue on the floor

  • Mary S 7 years ago

    amen! ha 

  • Mary S 7 years ago

    also true! =)

  • saggirl24 7 years ago

    Ugh I’m in pain and watching this is annoying me!! She cant be serious?  Trail of blood everywhere looking like a murder scene grr

  • SeyvdeSanz 7 years ago

    Im in pain here HALF DYING and these yoga tips doesnt help a bit bullshit …they even make more.pain

  • Dani Zuleta 7 years ago

    Im dying. These make thrm worse. im sorry

  • Megan Jacquez 7 years ago

    How much you wanna bet she’s not even on her period.. This is clearly not possible to do while on your period because we would all feel like Niagra falls.

  • Ivan Mirsalov 7 years ago

    Wow! .I did -45 lbs in 7 days.More here

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