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  • Ryan2Ryan22 7 years ago

    My dog is the best Ujjayi teacher. I usually am strong & constant with my Ujjayi. My breathing lulls him to sleep. When my breath is strained or changes at all he stirs & gives me a little growl. So if my Ujjayi is disturbed then my dog is disturbed, if my dog is disturbed…woe to me.

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    Your dog is a yogi’s best friend, and a yogi too! Thank you for sharing this story…best Kiki

  • Al Kavadlo 7 years ago

    Great video, Kiki!  Very informative and clearly explained.

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    thanks AL!! 

  • Toastwig 7 years ago

    Thankyou :)

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    yes, so glad you are watching. And please let me know how adding this to your routine helps you….and please do subscribe my channel if you haven’t in health, Kiki

  • James Lindsey 7 years ago

    Wow, all these years of practice, I’ve being doing this wrong. I was doing a 1:2 inhale to exhale breath.

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    so glad I could help! I think you will have a lot more energy now…let me know please, the changes you experience, Kiki

  • Priti Shah 7 years ago

    All your videos are awesome. How long do you need to do the Ujjayi breath for beginners and how should you progress

  • Priti Shah 7 years ago

    All your videos are awesome. How long do you need to do the Ujjayi breath for beginners and how should you progress
    Also, should u do this in the morning or evening.

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    thanks so much! i think it you begin with three minutes in the morning and then build to five – it will give yo lots of energy. Eventually you will integrate it with yoga practice. See my sun salutation video for how. It you do in evening you may not be able to fall asleep! best, Kiki

  • Kid Charlamange 7 years ago

    CO2 is in no way a ‘waste’ product, it is just a byproduct. CO2 is a vasodilator and will thus increase body oxygenation. Futhermore, CO2 increases O2 uptake at a cellular level because it will take the O2 out of the haemoglobin. Also by making the throat narrower you are creating friction on the in and out breath causing a lowered air flow in and out of the lungs. By doing this your body becomes warm because you are using O2 that produces CO2, a reaction that makes heat, that’s why you get warm

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing all these details! best, Kiki

  • Roswithakima 7 years ago

    Hi- really love all your videos. I need to tell that I recently was told by a senior Ashtanga teacher that the breath in Ashtanga is not “Ujjai” just normal breathing with sound and equal length inhales and exhales. A short while later I had a chance to ask Sharat. He very definitively told us that ashtanga breathing is NOT Ujjai, that it is wrong to call it Ujjai. Thought I’d share that. Roswitha

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    Hi R, Thanks for sharing this. I can assure you – Guruji called it Ujjayi over and over. Why else would any of us use the term? He often called it Ujjayi pranayama. He also called it “free breathing” and “breathing with sound”.
    best in health and yoga…and keep commenting…thanks for your support, Kiki

  • Mariam68able 7 years ago

    Hi Kiki. Not that easy initially but i did it..! Any breathing technique for the skin? How to maintain youthfulness thru breathing. Thks

  • kikiflynn 7 years ago

    Great question! All deep and full breathing will benefit circulation and detoxing – so just keep up a steady practice of this and you will shine! best, Kiki ps keep in touch

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