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How to be in a RelationshipJason talks about a few general rules that can help you have a more harmonious and happy relationshi




  • Joachim Wahl 5 years ago
  • Billy pizza 5 years ago

    Thank you Jason. Almost felt as if you were talking to me. Lol. Like
    always, Great video. I’ve been reading your book and wow. Crazy stuff in
    there. Still reading to see how you overcame these obstacles in life. Be

  • JasonJGallant 5 years ago
  • Ritu Sawhney 5 years ago
  • Tanya 5 years ago

    Great! I laughed out so much when you was talking about selfish people
    thinking like “it´s all about me, me, me, me!!” Because that´s what I have
    always done and I didn´t even realized it until now… Now I know why I´m
    not ready for a relationship – because I still suffer too much even If I
    feel alot better now then I did just about 1 year ago… Again thank you so
    much. Please do more videos about relationships… It really is helping me
    alot to realize what I´m doing wrong, why I´m still suffering and things
    like that… God bless you! :)

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