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  • Ramesh Ramloll 7 years ago

    ­čÖé great clip, I also do not forget to smile ­čÖé originating from the back of the throat and encourage my´╗┐ eyes to be soft and my forehead to be wrinkle free.

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    I love that!! Especially the “originating from the back of the throat”.´╗┐ I’m going to use that in class this week! Thanks Ramesh!

  • 1OOsmiles 7 years ago

    thank´╗┐ you! : )

  • hanterco 7 years ago

    thanks for charing ´╗┐ and dont forget pleas send more x

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thank you for watching!! More are on´╗┐ their way!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thank you for watching!!! ´╗┐

  • arusham 7 years ago

    I’ve been doing this for a month´╗┐ now and I’m loving it. Can’t wait to start using the backbend practice routine!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Great arusham!! So happy the practice is helping!! More is on´╗┐ the way!

  • Maria Stavrou 7 years ago

    that´╗┐ was awesome! thanks!

  • Bill Darrah 7 years ago

    Kris and I practiced with you today. Felt like we had a friend right with´╗┐ us in our living room. Thanks for your amazing gift to teach us.

  • christielenn 7 years ago

    Good´╗┐ video for Intermediate practitioners. Thank you!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thanks for watching Bill! I love being´╗┐ able to teach you from across the ocean!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thank YOU!´╗┐

  • jeked91 7 years ago

    This´╗┐ was amazing! I’ve only recently started doing yoga. I was tight EVERYWHERE causing me to have bad posture, a bad back and as a consequence i was getting TERRIBLE migraines weekly. I also couldnt get much further than the middle of my shins when doing a forward fold. But after doing a month of yoga, i haven’t had one migraine and I can almost get my head to my knees when doing a forward fold! Thank you for this video, its really improved my leg flexibility so the rest of me can stand up tall

  • pepper2876 7 years ago

    Thank you for posting this and for making´╗┐ the instructions very clear to understand. ­čÖé

  • Oliver Scott 7 years ago

    Just´╗┐ about to do this for the 3rd day in a row. I feel tremendous afterwards. Thanks for sharing.

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Awesome´╗┐ Oliver! Repetition is a great way to notice improvement too!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thanks for watching! I’m an alignment, nitty gritty detail type of teacher, so I’m glad you enjoy the´╗┐ clarity!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Woo-hooo! Congrats on the all the opening you’re experiencing in your practice! It’s said that the hamstrings will greatly influence the back´╗┐ of the neck and the proclivity for migraines. Stick with your practice and you’ll be AMAZED at the transformation in your posture, flexibility and overall health!

  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thank You! ´╗┐

  • wissal lara 7 years ago

    thanks alot for ur videos I download them and now i enjoy doing yoga in my room ­čÖé it is 03H56 of night´╗┐ and i still practice yopiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii again thnx alot ur so great (y)

  • Ashley Sedlacek 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing and teaching! I appreciate your grounded practice and the focus on´╗┐ following your own body to find your ‘yoga’. This was a wonderful sequence of poses- I am a lover of forward folds and hamstring stretches, so I loved this. Be well!

  • hanterco 7 years ago

    perfect Alison´╗┐ and thanks for reply .

  • sikshya maharjan 7 years ago

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  • bridokram 7 years ago

    Wonderful thank´╗┐ you

  • yah1533 7 years ago

    thank you so much! we have been working on splits for color guard and my hamstrings haven’t been very cooperative and this helped a bunch.´╗┐ my thighs feel like they can do anything now.

  • yiqi dooey 7 years ago

    I love ur video (:(: soothing´╗┐ voice and easy to follow through!

  • Sajendra Maharjan 7 years ago

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  • Anexoticadventure 7 years ago

    Thank you, Alison! I have such´╗┐ a busy, unpredictable schedule and find my yoga practice comes in fits and starts. I’ve always been athletic, but yoga reminds me that there are still ways I need to take care of myself. That said, I’ve had the chance to try many different classes and instructors, and yours is one of THE BEST led sessions I have experienced thus far. Soothing voice, clear instructions throughout, and no pressure to go beyond what our respective bodies can handle. I’m subscribing!

  • joybdjsr 7 years ago

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