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HOME MADE BULK WEIGHT GAIN MUSCLE BUILDING PROTEIN NUTELLA DRINKToday l make a drink l used to make when l started going to the gym. l put of 15kg’s (33 pounds) of




  • taelen20 6 years ago

    Be careful Americans. Our supermarket eggs are not as safe as eggs should
    be. Do not put an egg in a blender unless you know it is from a local farm
    you trust if you live in the USA. Please just don’t get salmonella from a
    grocery market egg

  • eastendthug 6 years ago

    Is there not a genuine health risk using a raw egg?

  • JoThanAi 6 years ago

    Is this pretty much a good replacement for a normal protein shake, like,
    after workout?

  • Harry Wells 6 years ago

    Greg’s Kitchen, Greg the Gardener… workout videos next?

  • 20011Amanda 6 years ago

    Hey Greg , how bout a pie sanga recipe/video …..

  • KasCooks 6 years ago

    Naners make smoothies creamy, thank you, thank you very much.

  • escope1959 6 years ago

    Anything with a raw egg blended in it is “Deelisiouuussss”.
    That was actually a low calorie drink
    What do you think about a weight loss high protein drink? Were all not 32 

  • Jose Reyes 6 years ago

    How it taste ?

  • Woody Long 6 years ago

    I really want to share my bed with Ana. Greg, if you could put in a good
    word for Woody it be greatly appreciated.

  • Will Ford 6 years ago

    Honest to God, you get away with blue murder! LOL.

  • Jamie Charlton 6 years ago

    You should make chocolate Euler’s 

  • MrFragtacular 6 years ago

    Looks good Greg! Might try this with protein powder instead of powdered

  • Jan Stránský 6 years ago

    Can i put in there some raspberries instead that nuttela?

  • Spoif 6 years ago

    +Greg’s Kitchen As a kid, my mum would make me a drink of egg, milk and
    sugar when recovering from being crook. Your version looks delicious too.

  • Scifi Joseph 6 years ago

    I don’t have any powdered milk so could I replace it with chocolate quik or

  • Osuri Guobadia 6 years ago

    I love you soooooo much. thumbs up and been subscribed for months

  • bilal shahid 6 years ago

    Greg, it would be amazing if you started vlogging! Keep up the good work! 

  • Tom M. 6 years ago

    Not bad, although if you really wanna pack of the pounds you may wanna toss
    in a Bratwurst and a spoonfull of CheezWhiz into that shake to give it more

  • yourfullofsheite 6 years ago

    Not only will it make you big and strong,it’ll give you farts that cripple
    your enemy’s.

  • Susan Wells 6 years ago

    we all want A DAILY video from you
    wink wink
    you are the BEST

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