Added by on August 5, 2013 Do you want to feel better and do you have a few minutes, join me in this Hatha Yoga for Relaxation, all levels Yoga Sequence! Do y…




  • anni17fan 7 years ago

    does the first exercise improve posture?

  • sufyan patel 7 years ago

    Hi I wanted to ask you I want to improve my skin is would you be able to make a video about it ? is there a yoga technique I could use ?


  • yogatic 7 years ago

    It will open your chest and upper back and done regularly it will help improve your posture because your body is reminded to be open again..

  • heartofsolace 7 years ago

    Hello Esther, Where can I find the bolster you are using. It looks more firm then a regular pillow and would give better support then a pillow.

  • yogatic 7 years ago

    I got it from yogamattersdotcom and the make is manduka. Its very nice to have one for your yoga practice…

  • heartofsolace 7 years ago

    Thank you, I look forward to using it and reccomending it to my yoga students and massage patients for shoulder and neck issues.

  • Janie Frank 7 years ago

    your voice is so soothing and your videos are great. Thanks so much!

  • getslimwithyoga 7 years ago

    Love it! x

  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    Hey Esther, Thanks for another great yoga video. I love it so. xo

  • SAMANDMED 7 years ago

    i love your vids they are always helpful thank you.

  • yogaforeternalbliss 7 years ago

    Thank you Esther, great video as always. God Bless You -:)

  • AleynaSeymen 7 years ago

    thanks a lot Esther 🙂 that helps so much!! 🙂

  • Vijay V S 7 years ago

    Hi Easther, does these excercise will make us relax and what will be the duration for these..

  • TheChick2304 7 years ago

    Are you Dutch? :)

  • Rockw61 7 years ago

    hello and thanks esther

  • alliegator0004 7 years ago

    Thanks, I love doing this after a workout 🙂

  • Shah D king Sdk 7 years ago

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  • Andrew Hornung 7 years ago

    Thankyou Esther….wonderful.

  • Bakewell333 7 years ago

    I like how she pronounces thigh bone as thai bone 🙂 aha

  • Susana Ortiz 7 years ago

    Thank you, Esther. This is just what I needed today. Namaste 🙂

  • Wei Won 7 years ago

    Very relaxing!!

  • Igor chirkev 7 years ago

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  • Egor Chakotiv 7 years ago

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