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A video of beginners version of Hatha Yoga Sequence. 1. Let’s start with easy Leg Raises: One leg is raised while the other remains flat on the floor. Inhale…




  • TheServiceWeb 7 years ago


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  • lakesriversoceans 7 years ago

    hey Eshana :):):):) Thanks for the your support! (PLEASE give thumbs UP 4 children!) :):):) (JmTheMasterMinute) This is a “NEW” MUSIC video to FACE Childhood OBESITY called : I like the way you move by JM

  • YogaForWeightLossHQ 7 years ago

    awesome job look forward to the next vid

  • Kady Bright 7 years ago

    In your next video, can you add notes about what you are doing when you switch positions? It’s hard doing this while trying to crane your neck 😀 And I’m also not nearly as flexible! However, this looks like a great way to relax and destress.

  • Kady Bright 7 years ago

    Lol.  The ending was funny.

  • EshanaKerala 7 years ago

    , Hey thanks for the suggestion, will keep that in mind for the next one. Namaste. 🙂

  • Kady Bright 7 years ago

    Thank you : ) I just had a c section a little over 2 months ago, and am doing the best I can to cut out all bad foods, and I thought yoga could help tone up my mid section again! Maybe you could do a video for that?

  • EshanaKerala 7 years ago

    , hey, that sounds like a good idea, I actually thought about doing a yoga video that is going to target on the abs. And also if you have time to check out my other video ‘yoga for weight loss morning and evening routine’, the asanas are also good for toning up the abs as well as the whole body. 🙂

  • zhiuodewi 7 years ago


  • Bug Bumble 7 years ago

    I learnt for Savasana, your head should tilt towards one side. I noticed your’s was upright.

  • EshanaKerala 7 years ago

    , Hi there, I think either way is fine. 🙂

  • Jade L 7 years ago

    Great beginners class. I really enjoyed it and you’re gorgeous to watch.

  • munchie323 7 years ago

    Very nice, but the explanations went by so fast I missed the last half of most of them.

  • EL Donjuan 7 years ago


  • Diego Torres 7 years ago

    You’re pretty and healthy, the kind of girlfriend I’m looking for,a young yogini.

  • Nicole Reeuwijk 7 years ago

    die yoga oefeningen zijn erg goed voor je been spieren
    je krijgt er wel spierpijn van

  • chokini2 7 years ago

    you can see a bikini-décolleté of a pretty young girl for more than half a second? (b)oops…must be porn-yoga! 😀 did anyone complain about david swenson, seen well-shaped and half-naked in tight pants in his famous video at the lake? there are always people knowing the truth and explaining you what’s right and wrong. even “real” yogis tell YOU how to behave so that THEY can feel fine in this world 😉 very funny! i also like the ridiculous puritanic discussion about equinox 😉

  • Suriyya Muhammad 7 years ago

    Woah she’s creepy.. her eyes yikes

  • maricelbetz 7 years ago


  • XxGothicXDuskxX 7 years ago

    thats mean

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    a little more instruction might have been useful. i mean, something as simple as how far apart to put my feet on the wheel might have saved me a trip to the hospital

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    for some reason this comment makes me laugh. the best part was when u said craneing your neck.

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    and why did u choose not to do the split stretch on both sides? (comment posted from hospital cafeteria.. waiting to get x-ray results for my back)

  • thisisnotjames0010 7 years ago

    oh and nice music. but it didn’t compare to your butt

  • Camilo Fernando Carrillo Aguayo 7 years ago

    keep the good job and the good music, really helpful

  • Nini Lelashvili 7 years ago

    where is nineth pose? :) it was skipped …:/

  • salauddinsau 7 years ago

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  • Eric Cheong 7 years ago

    I am 67 male, have done yoga for around 50 years.
    I have some questions:
    (1) Are all the poses OK for both man and woman?
    (2) Can I do the BRIDGE, if I do it slowly, may be over months, if I progress?
    (3) Is the head stand OK, even at my age?

  • Griffiths Bacani 7 years ago

    Looking forward to my first Hatha class today – I was browsing through youtube when I stumbled on your vid to prepare, I think now I have a general. Thanks for the upload.

  • SURVIV4R 7 years ago

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  • quantafoto 7 years ago

    This is a great sequence! Do you know where I might get a PDF of something like this to refer to when away from my computer and that I could give to friends?


  • matthew rigby 7 years ago

    I like he shes

  • matthew rigby 7 years ago

    And im filling my boots with them

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