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Hatha Yoga Demonstration. Una demostración de Hatha Yoga, hecha por Gleb Loginov — el profesor de Tao Center, una escuela que se dedica a la formación de Pr…




  • supralee 7 years ago

    he was fat you right but he was born that way beside he was not hatha yogi but kundalini yogi which means that he was able to draw body warm into higest channels and feel bliss and peace.good posture teaches cant do that never.

  • JimmyPiranha 7 years ago

    I’m nor a practicioner of yoga, nor do I have any particular interest in the style. I am however, studying yoga at this point to try and base a design for a character and her fighting style on the yoga style. Now I just need a name for her. lol. Wish me luck!

  • mrjamest2000 7 years ago

    That is kool

  • sudhayoga 7 years ago

    wonderful my brother your yoga performance

  • cursosmotivacao 7 years ago

    wonderful and very power….

  • YRivera1 7 years ago

    Yoga at it’s heart is about linking the individual soul with the cosmic soul about realizing a our truly free and loving nature. Hatha is only one means to do this. Swami Sivananda was a heavy set man, but who he was far exceeded his body. He lived a life of selfless sacrifice that help create a movement in the West that has affected millions of lives by teaching disciples such as Swamis Vishnu Devananda and Satchidananda.

    If you read Sivananda books you will learn that it was

  • Thu Hanh 7 years ago

    You should think careful before saying this cause i think that he just do the performing( not all the time and not everyday like this).

  • Thu Hanh 7 years ago

    It is not nice to say this to some one who is hardworking and entertain you.

  • cielabella 7 years ago

    Awesome! ur a genius! congrats..

  • Sal Cardenas 7 years ago

    supralee, are you saying that results same, similar, or even better than kundalini yoga cannot be achieved by hatha yoga? You do know that you can raise kundalini with hatha yoga, right?

  • supralee 7 years ago

    hatha yoga is not postures those who repeat here senseless advises as – do headstand 3 hours are just old idiots!true hatha yogi does breathing and produces extra-amount body warm into body.then he feels strenght and bliss without doing dangerous kundalini exercises which by the way are alwayes harmful to health.the books about those hatha breathing exercises are doing many harm because in reality one cannot do breathing in such a way as those old yoga textbooks describe.

  • Sal Cardenas 7 years ago

    You say Hatha Yoga is not postures? And you think all Kundalini exercises are harmful? Where do you get your fallacious ideas?

  • summeryong 7 years ago

    The dedication of this music is really fantastic when doing Yoga, it’s so relax….but duno how to get this music

  • Sal Cardenas 7 years ago

    Heard of it? I am going through it as I type, and it’sbee ging n for 2+ yars.

  • Sal Cardenas 7 years ago

    If you want a detailed explantation of my experience, then I’d prefer to discuss it over a private message. But Kundalini can be raised through technique, unintentionally, and even spontaneously, seemingly unprovoked. In my case, it both unintentional and spontaneous, through the use of certain psychedlic drugs (Kundalini raising by use of psychedelics is fairly common). I’m young and have always had a sensitive body, and that combination resulted in my Kundalini rising, and I believe it’s fate.

  • Sal Cardenas 7 years ago

    I agree with you %100.

  • SEATTLEGRL1 7 years ago

    Excellent form!

  • Gabriela Luque 7 years ago

    i’d be scared of putting so much pressure on my neck… :S

  • Gatamorgana 7 years ago

    Hello, i liked the video so much!
    I ‘d like to start to take yoga lessons..but i dont know the differences between Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga,Kundalini yoga and Ratna yoga, could you maybe explain me in a simple way what are the principal differences? i have scoliosis do you think it could help me or no? Thank you ,
    Chiara from Rome

  • Gyan Yoga 7 years ago


  • Gleb Loginov 7 years ago

    thank you

  • DaoJournik 7 years ago


  • mitchx69 7 years ago

    Ive started doing Hath Yoga ive had 3 lessons and even after the 1st lesson you notice a difference i love it

  • mitchx69 7 years ago

    if so put up a video of you doing it then

  • tebilac arama j 7 years ago

    beaucoup de force musculaire yoga??

  • Keka Shiguti 7 years ago

    My fav’s video about Hatha Yoga

  • unlockthepower 7 years ago

    Great balance and control

  • Mya Jio 7 years ago


  • A. Yayefall 7 years ago

    wow this is amazing_thank you for sharing

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