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Hatha yoga abdominal exercises incorporate both strengthening and stretching the core muscles while being gently on the spine and neck. See a few yogic ab ex…




  • Adam V. De Asis 7 years ago

    she doesnt have right to instruct yoga as she is rather fat and obese..noone will believe

  • Adam V. De Asis 7 years ago

    she should be taught yoga and not she teaches yoga

  • Adam V. De Asis 7 years ago

    she has a big big tummy

  • lilgirl312 7 years ago

    maybe she’s pregnant…?

  • singaravelan001 7 years ago

    very very nise v

    indian hatha yoga guy

  • Roman Geraghty 7 years ago

    maybe doing yoga is also about how you practice mentally aswell as physically. that means having compassion and acceptance of others even if you think they are ” REALLY FAT”

  • Oleg Flow 7 years ago


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