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  • Sarah Kinger 7 years ago

    just looked it up b/c i had the same problem. add more weight to your fingers and dig fingertips into mat. and stretch wrists before. supposedly, your wrists get stronger overtime if you don’t overdo it.

  • Asher Murtaza 7 years ago


  • Christine Pires 7 years ago

    I’ve only been doing the beginner stuff for 3 weeks now. Started with my wrists killing me, now is not so bad anymore. Listen to your body dont over do the wrist strain and within a month you should be better that way 🙂

  • 410rosy 7 years ago

    This is so cool! I can’t believe that after a few short months i can be able to do these poses! Thanks Tara! I really love how you explain everything and inspire me to do more yoga! =)

  • funtownification 7 years ago

    i cnt keep my balance can you make a viedo fo tht plz

  • bishnu prasad Panday 7 years ago

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  • Kirby Griffiths 7 years ago

    My problem with crow is how much it hurts the backs of my arms where my knees rest!

  • Nathania Sitorus 7 years ago

    my wrists hurt so much like it can’t even lift up my weight ugh

  • smurfette118 7 years ago

    when i do the crow pose, my arm bones hurt and my knees slip.. help? :/

  • kittyruler10 7 years ago


  • cellogirl15 7 years ago

    This didn’t make them any easier. . .

  • arlenex3lovee 7 years ago

    she makes it look so easy

  • Roy Panggabean 7 years ago

    Yo yo… Terrific video clip.

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  • ptronic 7 years ago

    Just regular practice will make them easier

  • ptronic 7 years ago

    Strengthen your upper body, do more push ups and stuff

  • ptronic 7 years ago

    Your knees slip because your core is not strong enough to keep you stable, strengthen that as well

  • Sophia Sunsin 7 years ago

    ME: This is so easy
    after omg I almost died…

  • ptronic 7 years ago

    I’m 110kg and I do the crow pose 🙂

  • noregrt 7 years ago


  • Saint Darky 7 years ago

    She is a beast! i love her D:

  • ptronic 7 years ago

    Any tips to work towards the sideways crow pose?

  • Daniel Maas 7 years ago

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  • Marcello Branca 7 years ago

    she s totally hot :O 😉

  • GoGoodGirls13 7 years ago

    Thank you so much!

  • Dylan Zoney 7 years ago

    i wonder how many fellas finished before the video endedÉ

  • xMasterLowex 7 years ago

    She’s kool right, she came from modeling too.

  • Lauren Bowers 7 years ago

    If you can’t balance on you’re arms then work out your arms and every week see if you can balance until you can that’s what I did

  • shanice nucci 7 years ago

    hey tara I tried your method and how to do the crow pose and seems that I got it but not quiet yet but a tiny winny fraction but u really make it easier like your tips

  • YunaOo 7 years ago

    how long does it take to be able to do such hard poses? amazing!

  • missinghome456 7 years ago

    It seems I am watching the matrix. Human Body is not designed to be so flexible. Did you do a deal with agent smith?

  • TH3B34T3R 7 years ago

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  • MoonpieHippieVillage 7 years ago

    Thanks for the clear, concise instructions. I came upon this video when looking for instructions to complete side crow. When I watched the video and made my first attempt, I experience extreme self doubt, “this is not the move for me” but I kept at it and after several attempts finally succeeded. By the end of the day I was able to successfully achieve side crow on both sides. I’m looking forward to trying others as well.

  • Brigitte Perger 7 years ago

    Actually i’d say people should not consider this as fifficult or even impossible. Adults are somehow thinking too much, just do it giving in to the pose hichout valudating/judging/analysing/fear, if you can’t do it try it playfully like a child (same applies eg for headstand). Never think you can’t, it’s difficult, too difficult, you could hurt yourself, and such. We’re doing all these poses not only in dynamic flow yoga AT THE GYM, nay they are often partly or all part of bodybalance class

  • Brigitte Perger 7 years ago

    …as well at the gym. And they are done by people of all shapes, strength, sizes , and ‘weight’ there.

  • smmubin 7 years ago

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  • Igor Kurdanev 7 years ago

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  • Mgun Murugan 7 years ago

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  • anish shrestha 7 years ago

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  • 2010feifei 7 years ago

    She is only making it “look easy”, without explaining anything about the necessary technique and alignment. This is only a demonstration of herself, not how a yoga teacher “teach” yoga.

  • Cheyanne Smallwood 7 years ago

    I got the first one but man. this is hard when you have no upper body strength. thank you for the video

  • ajaib gill 7 years ago

    Yoga postures and breath control has been of immense help to keep the body joints flexible and strong as per my personal experience..It helps my psyche in concentrating reducing stress.It has been good to my heart and liver..I think it adds to my immunity fighting common ailments .Besides it can be easily expanded or contracted to fit in all types of lifestyles .Thanks for the video showing your body with perfect balance and vigour.

  • No Bueno 7 years ago

    I just dislocated my shoulder on this shit.

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