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  • ScienceofStillness 7 years ago

    We hope you enjoy this guided meditation called Yoga Nidra…

  • nmg70nmg 7 years ago

    Yoga Nidra is not meditation. It’s an ancient art that prepares you for meditation, but it is not meditation. Meditation is the withdrawal of the five senses and that includes hearing.

  • Your Soul Connection 7 years ago

    very peaceful~ thank you! xo

  • Yoli M 7 years ago

    This was great! Very relaxing and helpful for the start of my day. i would reccomend this to anyone in need of clearing their mind of noise.

  • dasarathi pranav 7 years ago

    its very soothing,loved it.

  • dasarathi pranav 7 years ago

    its very soothing,i loved it.

  • Nicole Abundance 7 years ago


  • Violet Willow 7 years ago

    totally awesome and relaxing

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