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  • jameshollands 7 years ago

    Another awesome video ­čÖé You look great and are so talented – I love watching your videos and will certainly be adding some of your exercises into my programme :)´╗┐ James x

  • Mark Thomas 7 years ago

    thanks! Hope it helps–it sure makes a difference´╗┐ in my practice!


  • ayn911 7 years ago

    Great video Sadie. I’m just having a´╗┐ hard time getting into the crane pose. After following your instructions, my feet don’t lift off the ground as high as yours. They’re still roughly at the same height as the crow pose. What can I do?

  • rolandsc 7 years ago

    Wonderful. Thanks so much´╗┐ for posting.

  • jetta69 7 years ago

    shes´╗┐ amazing!

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    Hey there…hope you kept practicing! Sorry for the delay–some pages don’t notify me that I have comments. Try getting your knees high up in the notch outside your armpit, round up the back and then you just gotta SQUEEZE the feet into the hips. Over´╗┐ time, strength happens;)

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    Thanks,´╗┐ ladies and gents…I work hard. As they say, “Repetition is Magic”. Do these enough and you too will rock it!


  • missogi 7 years ago

    I mastered the´╗┐ crow and was looking for smt more advanced. now I found what I was looking for :)!

    Thanks, Sadie!!!

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    I’m glad you found me–let me know what you master these and I’ll´╗┐ post something new;)

  • missogi 7 years ago

    thanks for the reply, Sadie :)!
    I guess it’ll take me some time now… these are pretty challenging ones (i’m trying the crane now). but i’ll let you know once i’m done´╗┐ ­čśë

  • ramarover 7 years ago

    some very useful technical details in your posts,´╗┐ looking forward to incorporating these into my practice, thanks , ­čÖé

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    Thanks!! Glad you could use it.

  • MichelleSeven 7 years ago

    ooh…it looks so easy…but it’s not…
    Sadienardini? Can you give me a´╗┐ tip to make my arms stronger? I need to practce my arms.
    Thank you!

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    Hey there,
    Do my Core Sun Salutations videos, and keep proper alignment in chaturanga. Also, just try these poses and ship away at them as your arms get stronger. There’s no better´╗┐ way to get these poses than to try to get them 100 times. Have fun with the progression!

  • MichelleSeven 7 years ago

    Tnank you very much! You seem´╗┐ to be a great teacher! I wish that there was someone like you, to tech us.. =)

  • sadienardini 7 years ago

    Hey there!
    Now there IS someone like me–right here on YOUTUBE baby!
    Check out my other 100 videos for your new, virtual yoga studio. ´╗┐ xoSadie

  • rubendevos 7 years ago

    Hi Sadie!
    Your videos are making yoga practice so much faster enhancing and motivating!! Feels great doing yoga with you!
    In this vid you’re mentioning Malasana (squat pose). Do you recommend this pose or any other yoga inspired pose for relieving back pain? Sitting on chairs all day long is not doing me´╗┐ good, it’d be great to hear some advice from you on this. Thanks!!!

  • Neequu78 7 years ago

    Hey there! I did an hour of Yoga tonight and sweated my arse off! I feel great. How long do you´╗┐ recommend holding these types of poses?
    Thanks -KT

  • AnandaOficial 7 years ago

    thank you so´╗┐ much, Sadie, you’re a great teacher!

  • Jean-Pierre Parent 7 years ago

    awesome! love this and your “escape from handstand mountain” vid. ´╗┐ they both contain tons of useful info that a year of daily asana practice didn’t teach me. thanks!

  • Prabuddha Das 7 years ago

    hey sadie ! you are simply amazing and´╗┐ perfect with all the yoga poses. since how long have you been doing it? do you have any blog where i can follow you? i am into yoga for last two year now think its better doing advance yoga. Your video are excellent with teaching advance practice. thanks and warm regards.

  • HikariMayu Annalyse 7 years ago

    hey sadie!!! ur videos are amazing!!! i wanted to ask, how long did it take to master these arm balances? cuse i just started yoga for core strength. im 14 by the way:) i can hold each pose for 10 seconds. yah i´╗┐ know lame. but i try. is there any tips. oh yeah and by the way, when i do these poses, the back of my arm burns. is this ok?

  • Indu Oddy 7 years ago

    Amazing!!!!! really good way to explain it!´╗┐

  • Dawn Applegate 7 years ago

    Great info´╗┐ and instruction Sadie. Love it!

  • Julie Roick 7 years ago

    You are a rockstar! Thank you for this great video! Can’t wait to´╗┐ discover the rest of them.

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