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  • ragab ali 7 years ago

    الفيديو جميل ممكن احمله ازاى

  • koen o'sullivan 7 years ago

    i’m an incredibly rich irish jew who supports carl jung animal rights and world peace, and I feel like Judaism is actually about making peace with all those around us, because when we fight them in the Torah it always seems to come back to harm us in a similar way, hidden lesson: learn from the past and accept and empathize with our so called enemies, love thy neighbor as thyself Israel, for it is a place to pray after all, and all faiths honor eternal oneness truly. remember the holocaust

  • koen o'sullivan 7 years ago

    and also remember the rainbow, everything is God!

  • Igor Goryanov 7 years ago

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  • Igor Shelonov 7 years ago

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