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Five Quick and Easy Exercises To Start Your Day | ANNEORSHINEClick to tweet this video! Today, my friend Cassey from Blogilates and I are goi




  • Amy Tobin 6 years ago

    Is this going to help loose weight?

  • Ann Le {Anneorshine} 6 years ago

    Too late!!!! I’m FIRST!!! 

  • Carla Biely López 6 years ago

    Super exercises!! And when’s better to do this exercises, I mean before or
    after breakfast?? Thanks

  • Ann Le {Anneorshine} 6 years ago

    Are you in the under 301 club? Learn a new energizing workout routine!

  • Mariama Gassama 6 years ago

    Omg Ann she looks like u is she ur sister 

  • Amy Quach 6 years ago

    Omg I love this video its so relaxing

  • susana ocegueda 6 years ago

    Lego tofu cake

  • Vava Ivanov 6 years ago

    Lego Tofu Cake

  • Lian Ebanks 6 years ago

    This seems like a perfect way to get back into a workout routine when
    school starts. Love u so much Ann for making such perfect videos and being
    the best role model anyone could ever have.

  • Zai Hai 6 years ago

    this is nice!!!!

  • She lly 6 years ago

    yaaaay! :D

  • Izzy Austin 6 years ago

    Can you please just do some diy that’s what I subscribe for pretty please
    because I loved them 

  • Demi Mahoney 6 years ago

    Hi love you ann soo much 

  • magicmand6 6 years ago

    Lego tofu cake 😉 hehehe

  • emsadory 6 years ago

    Lego Tofu Cake

  • Cheyenne Dawn Mickelson 6 years ago

    I’ve been looking for something like this to start my day! I’ve been doing
    yoga every morning and this is exactly what I need, thanks Ann!

  • Gisselle Marin 6 years ago

    Omg thank u so much!!!!! Ann I really wanted exercises in the morning so I
    won’t be lazy. Lol

  • blogilates 6 years ago

    YAY!!! So fun!

  • Isabella Baralt 6 years ago

    Anne can you check my channel?

  • rose marshall200 6 years ago


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