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Find a Girl who LIFTS (Bae does a two a day)Contact me for coaching @: Facebook: https://




  • Jhonatan Torres 5 years ago

    Nice girl you got man, i have to get one like that.

  • Tortalone 5 years ago

    my bad doesn’t even lift :, /

  • that guy is done 5 years ago

    What socks does she wear when she works out 

  • nick phill 5 years ago

    is there any copy paste of BEA in this fucking world ? i’d rather have a
    copy though

  • Wang Lo 5 years ago

    Didn’t do it in this vid but I love the songs of the day! Such an awesome
    idea bc I’m trying to branch off from the like 4 bands I constantly listen
    to haha

  • WILLIAM RAYMOND 5 years ago

    Real nice hope you know what you have definitely must marry god bless you
    really hope that I’m lucky enough to be bless with a woman like you have
    real nice!

  • gelts16 5 years ago

    How come i get the feeling that you lost your license due to drunk driving,
    hence bae always drives..?

  • Blake Dimon 5 years ago


  • Angel Olmos 5 years ago

    Girls who lift are so hard to come by wear I live! And the ones who do are
    the kind that go to the gym once and change their instagram bio to ‘fit
    life’ and other bullshit.

  • Cody Loffredo 5 years ago

    does bae even lift

  • Camerica Muscle 5 years ago

    Now thats some Health4Thought!

  • Russell Wegman 5 years ago

    I’m not going to name names, but 99.9% of the time that fitness YouTubers
    feature their girlfriends, I couldn’t possibly give less of a shit. Bae is
    the 0.1%, mostly because she made me laugh with the pot of dicks joke.

  • Health4Thought 5 years ago
  • paintballstarter121 5 years ago

    Can I rent Bae so I can Have some Bae in my life?

  • MrJoeyluevano 5 years ago

    Damn, I need to make my bae hit some weights too. 

  • Noah Snoopy 5 years ago

    The reason I do not follow females on youtube is cause they expose
    themselves to much and merely cover anything with regards to training. I
    just love how your lady is not wearing revealing clothes and the footage
    actually relates to the title of the video. Please do not make your lady
    wear revealing clothes like most youtube fitness couple to attain views,
    your content is funny and entertaining no need to expose her or censor your
    lady. Like always thank you and your lady for the content. 

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