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Boost your energy with this yoga exercise from Stephen Cabral. Need extra energy to get through the day? Try this easy at home wo…




  • TheImpersinators 7 years ago

    nike air yey lol

  • tonjay2002 7 years ago

    Thank you…I’m always tired with my long commute. I’m going to try this.

  • THAHITMAN509 7 years ago

    I’m going to try this I’ll tell you how it goes Sarah. 😛

  • BayBeeFeet 7 years ago

    I’m an energy drink junkie so i really hope this works.

  • empireofrain 7 years ago

    I like the lunges, but I find the twist pushups to be a bit complex and something no one would really use.

  • SimonYorkeUK 7 years ago

    Great Channel and Sarah really is insanely sexy

  • La Voce 7 years ago

    awesome… but what’s up with that “warning” at the end

  • drnadabr 7 years ago

    awesome girl .. I love your great energy

  • lovelygirl999 7 years ago

    o wow a much appreciated video…everyone is looking for that energy boost to start back into 2009. Nice topic! thx diethealth! 🙂

  • ATaleOfLaceAndBlood 7 years ago

    This channel is great, i’m not very sporty at all so ive never been into exercise and i hate going down the gym. These vids make it easier for me to get a better lifestyle cos they’re easy and simple to follow and i can fit them into my routine. Thanks!

  • adachc 7 years ago

    good job Sarah – Level 3!

  • diethealth 7 years ago

    Check out our photoshop video “The photoshop effect” and you’ll find out exactly.

  • paspas77777 7 years ago

    She doesn’t need any retouch. She is already a natural born gorgeous;)

  • jahlove111 7 years ago

    the lateral lunges work!
    thanks for the video

  • Ben Keefer 7 years ago

    Heh, it says “Warning: This image has been retouched to distort your idea of perfection,” a reference to their videos on ‘The Photoshop Effect’.

  • mamirbutt1 7 years ago

    Good job Guys.

  • Rambo Dambo 7 years ago

    I am waay to out of shape for this. I just tried it, and knocked over my TV…

  • KarinaRockss 7 years ago

    :O No dis likes :OO

  • Sydney Styles 7 years ago


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