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Yoga for Women is a category which will help you learn and practise ancient yoga asana in a simple way.




  • darknight741 7 years ago

    the easiest exercise for women is just for them to open their legs wide -.-

  • Oroshimisu 7 years ago

    WTF ! Why are you on a green box D: ?

  • Bayard Barnes 7 years ago

    I’ve done yoga every day for 30 years now — I cured HERPES — lip AND genital — with a non-physical form of YOGA called immunics — I’ve doing IMMUNICS since 1993 — I haven’t had flu since I cured the herpes — I’ve seen people cure CANCER with this —
    I do yoga and immunics in short bursts — THROUGHOUT THE DAY — keep myself feeling great ALL DAY — FRIEND me on Facebook — Bayard Henry Barnes — 813-672-3419
    For lessons google IMMUNICS & CureDrive

  • chand wattoo chand wattoo 7 years ago

    bakwas ha ya sb

  • TheAbStand 7 years ago

    I’ve been meaning to go back to yoga class but haven’t had the time, thanks for sharing these and showing how to properly execute them.

    If any of your viewers have a tough time with these exercises because of back or neck pain, we encourage them to visit us at theabstand*net and try our machine to works the midsection while you stand.

  • Andre Apodaca 7 years ago

    very nice workout!
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