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Great for reducing stress and anxiety, calming the mind, incorporating into cardiovascular exercise and much more. Check out our subscription of videos at Wh…




  • Waseem Aslam 7 years ago

    How should this diaphragmatic breathing be done, for example sitting, standing lying down?

  • Wendy Harrold 7 years ago

    Hi, it can be done in any of these positions. We also recommend breathing like this during exercise.

  • Waseem Aslam 7 years ago

    Ok thank you. Could you please tell me how its done the correct way I find it hard to understand from the video. Step by step please including the duration of the inhalation and exhalation. I’m suffering from anxiety and find it hard to relax, I understand breathing this way helps with anxiety. I would be ever so grateful. Thank you for your time

  • Wendy Harrold 7 years ago

    Yes, breathing is wonderful for reducing anxiety because of it’s relationship with the central nervous system. This breathing is best explained like filling a cup with water. When you pour water into the cup, water goes to bottom & works its’ way to rim of the glass. Think of your inhale in the same way. I unfortunately do not have enough space to write in detail. Email us at and I can give you more details. We offer weekly online breathing classes live as well.

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