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Whether it’s summer, or your need to cool down physically or emotionally, to help you relax, restore and even sleep better–these super effective poses are f…




  • bchmgal 7 years ago

    supported sivasana is awesome!! thanks sadie 🙂

  • MissMuffin1971 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great tips; can’t wait to try them.

  • Sarah Boykin 7 years ago

    you make me want to be a yoga instructor haha

  • britsunshine1 7 years ago

    do you have any yoga dvds?

  • britsunshine1 7 years ago

    oh and don’t you have an online school to be a yoga teacher as well?

  • 8bobthebuilder 7 years ago

    Cool video Sadie!

  • tiggermatty 7 years ago

    Thanks for the upload and your dvd is awesome! I still havent been able to do all of it, great, super long workout!

  • gg010170 7 years ago

    I am So glad to have subscribed!!! I thoroughly enjoy your Wake up yoga video everyday. Amongst other videos of yours ; ) I am better for it, my family is better for it! I’ll try this one tonight. Sadly i do not have a yoga block. Is there an equivalent substitute for the yoga block? peace ; )

  • babigirl911 7 years ago

    how big are the blocks? I would like to get some. Thank you for your vids! 🙂

  • Helen Vilenko 7 years ago

    Girls, if you want to look beautiful – use the program from the site Retrieved on personal experience!

  • Elie11191 7 years ago

    just tried this to relax for the night and to ease my nausea and headache. i didnt have a yoga block so i compromised with nursing books… (lol). I have to admit it really did cool down my body and i feel really relaxed. thank you sadie and i’ll definitely incorporate your videos into my summer workouts 🙂

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