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In this yoga sequence by Elena Brower, learn to activate your inner power by cultivating receptivity and patience—and feel your strength grow. Watch more yog…




  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    very impressive.

  • emptynessinmovement 7 years ago

    Looks like surya namaskar has been vandalised.

  • RACHET2899 7 years ago

    i like yoga

  • Joe Powers 7 years ago

    NOT a beginners yoga video! 😛

  • IzFred 7 years ago

    Very very nice video thank you!

  • Tim Rogers 7 years ago

    ( . )V( . )

  • IsellePerez 7 years ago

    This was awesome!

  • jubyvera662 7 years ago


  • Victoria Suppes 7 years ago

    Omg, I just finished this video and I have the calmest feeling right now! I feel so amazing right now. Thank you soo much for this! It’s the first time I’ve really tried yoga and I was really surprised to have done that last standing stretch. I did wobble, but I did it! When you said “feel the victory”, I really did 🙂

  • mrmonkeymig69 7 years ago

    Thats awesome 🙂 There are loads of good yoga routines on youtube, you can get a good practice going just from here 🙂 that last pose is a doozy, well done

  • ivemap 7 years ago

    i do yoga everyday for some reason

  • mediterragreen 7 years ago

    I do this routine as my morning yoga practice.. It works very well and feels me more confident and calm..

  • Phoebe Vernier Cáceres 7 years ago

    Nice combinations of standing and downdog. 15 minutes only though… Wish there was more of this one.

  • Amber Pinter 7 years ago

    The balance poses made it more challenging – had to modify some – but over all a good sequence. Thank you.

  • ilowa sanchez 7 years ago

    i really love your yoga les. thanks for sharing

  • Chelsie Miller 7 years ago

    how I miss yoga ^^;;

  • Earthrooster Shen 7 years ago

    This is a very effective routine!

  • cthammett 7 years ago

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  • akfrema019 7 years ago

    Does anyone know where the background music playing at 0:00 is from? I have been searching months. I’ve heard it on other youtube videos and can’t find it.

  • Russell B 7 years ago

    Dat ass

  • Andriy Savanchuk 7 years ago

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