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In this episode we discuss which yoga mat to choose to fit your personal yoga practice. Send story ideas to…




  • aroundtheclock 7 years ago

    I enjoyed this episode.  I agree with you that there’s several aspects of yoga that you can talk about in future episodes. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sean Churchman 7 years ago

    Thank you so much for this…

  • TheSavvyshree 7 years ago

    I’m wanting to start yoga at home, but I only have carpet throughout the house. Can you suggest a yoga mat for carpet? Or should I just move on to a different exercise since I have carpet floors!??

  • amtb2010 7 years ago

    @TheSavvyshree i have carpeted floor and my yoga mat is just fantastic on it. i’m using the double-sided manduka traveling mat.

  • derkingdon 7 years ago

    Thanks. But you ramble a lot. Keept it short and precise. Actual content begins at 4:49

  • svce2007 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this valuable info !! I was googling for best yoga mas and MANDUKA came up….

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