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  • Tony Duarte 7 years ago

    what is the purpose of Inhilation in Alternating Nostrils?
    What is the Significance of the hand thing that you did?


  • AnmolMehtaCom 7 years ago

    Hey Slick,

    Each nostril is associated with one of the main psychic channels (nadis) of the energetic body. The Right w/ Pingala (heat, male, active energy) and the left with ida (feminine, cooling, meditative energy).

    Breathing through each nostril helps these 2 to come into balance. This balance causes the central channel (shushumna) to flow which activates the chakras.

    The hand position just facilitates closing each nostril easily and can be modified if needed.

  • StL33T 7 years ago

    are we supposed to sit like you and breath or can we just sit on our computer chairs and do this with the same efficiency?

  • CSVaze 7 years ago

    I notice you use the half lotus sitting posture I use the full lotus does that strengthen my meditation anymore???? Plz let me know your opinion..


  • AnmolMehtaCom 7 years ago

    You can sit on a computer chair no problem. Just keep the spine straight and don’t use the back rest if possible.

  • AnmolMehtaCom 7 years ago

    I use Burmese sytle actually, can’t quite see it due to the pajamas. If you can sit in full lotus without discomfort that is fine too. Either posture will give a good base and prevent dissipation of energy through the lower centers so both are equally good.

  • CSVaze 7 years ago

    Brilliant thank you for your help.
    More Love & Blessings

  • spectrum1844 7 years ago

    i was listening to SWAMI ramdev saying pranayama should be practiced for 5 minutes max per day – what about this alternate technique – how many cycles per day is recommended – ?

  • veerunda 7 years ago


  • seattle94 7 years ago

    is this meditation balancing all your chakras??

  • AnmolMehtaCom 7 years ago


    For all those who would like details on duration, repetitions, etc, just go to anmolmehta (dot) com and click on free yoga pranayama videos on the right (or search for it in the search box). This will take you to the written explanation of the exercises and set, with every detail you need.

    And yes all the information is free as the entire website anmolmehta (dot) com is free.


  • AnmolMehtaCom 7 years ago

    Yes, this pranayama will balance the 2 primary nadis, which in turn will allow the flow of energy through all the chakras, awakening and balancing them.

    It is a very potent pranayama, so don’t overdo it. You can get additional details (for free) at anmolmehta (dot) com. Just click on the free pranayama videos link on the right.


  • Windowtoworld08 7 years ago

    no,,watch his yoga camps on aastha…he ask to begin with 1 min than to 5 mins carry on til 15 mins ,,till u get comfortable doing it .. i watch his camps every day.. merely 5 min no use ..

  • izzymotto 7 years ago

    Great Video and very insiprational. Thanks.

  • Saad Wail 7 years ago

    thanks a lot

  • hansel160 7 years ago

    my one nostril seems to be block at times, what do i do? the blockage seems to alternate between nostrils throughout the day. strange. any advise

  • in2thevoid2001 7 years ago

    Respected Anmol Ji,

    Thank you very much for these videos. The gift of knowledge is the greatest of all gifts..

  • NebHu 7 years ago

    The right nostril is opened during the first 12 hours of the day and the left nostril is opened during the second 12 hours of the day.

  • cobrajitsu 7 years ago

    Yoga Breathing. Pranayama.

  • Angelo Marsico 7 years ago


    What are the best yogic techniques for building self confidence?

  • bashavzsify 7 years ago

    cool now i can use chidori

  • Moyomoto 7 years ago

    I have been practicing this breathing exercise for the last 2 weeks and though i havn’t noticed any difference in balancing my chakra’s but i will say it clears a blocked nose within 8 – 12 hours

  • ChakraSyncDotCom 7 years ago

    CHAKRA balancing is really important for spiritual development. Thanks for sharing this. Check my website for some really powerful chakra stimulation.

  • Robert Kerr 7 years ago

    I cant get into the lotus position, is there an alternative?

  • vmasaatukorala 7 years ago

    many women here from Asia

  • healthnut4life48 7 years ago

    Check out these mats….AWESOME!!!


  • Eonnn84 7 years ago

    wow that was awesome going to have to do this properly next time i meditate.

    straight after watching this I had a strong metallic taste in my mouth, which is a good sign.

  • VivecaBenoir 7 years ago

    why is that a good sign? I had the same experience. Is it a detox of some sort?

  • Eonnn84 7 years ago

    yes I’ve heard elsewhere that it is.

  • Eric Thompson 7 years ago

    Nice job. I love the subject of meditation and the brain.

  • NicoleLeblanc100 7 years ago

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  • jonathans skurtu 7 years ago

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  • privacyghost 7 years ago

    can I do this with Sodarshan Chakra Kriya??

  • TreeBoiOG 7 years ago

    If i use Ganjah/Herb/Marijuana to meditate like Rastafarians do will it amplify my experience?Also what type of meditation would i use to gain telekinetic and pyrokinetic abilities.

  • Barry Wilkinson 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge.

  • MagneticGuitarist 7 years ago

    my nose is almost always stuffy 🙁

  • zyxockjm 7 years ago

    I have this weakness in the left side of my body, I require more effort to breath from my left nostril than my right nostril.

    I would love to give this exercise a try but I read on your site not to do this if one nostril is blocked or you require force to breath through a nostril. I guess I’ll have to recover from my weakness first before trying this exercise.

  • Wala Walang 7 years ago

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  • BodhisattvaChris 7 years ago

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  • Ryan Whiting 7 years ago

    hehe pot helps and also might hinder u …if u must smoke to become enlightened will u not still have desire …but if it helps at first and if your gonna use it once and awhile to help focus on meditation thing i think thats alright …tele pyro ….u have this power already ….but are worthy of it? try 3rd eye stuff …also goggle chakra test cus i dont suggest doing 3rd eye stuff if your off balance …if u want i found a great medation ill link to u …if u want

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