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Anne Novak demonstrates Breath of Fire, a basic pranayam in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.




  • gbsk12 7 years ago

    The inhale and exhale are even and the inhale is not passive, the stomach pushes out.
    Sat Nam

  • aristophilis 7 years ago

    Anne surely is a beauty…

  • Jackie Vega 7 years ago

    I love u Anne Novak can you do this video but showing with your abs. Please do it for public and me.

  • novoc2081 7 years ago

    Title text here.

  • tommyvpr 7 years ago

    Thank you. Title text here.

  • annenovak1 7 years ago

    Actually, the abdomen pushes out due to the relaxation of the diaphragm. On the exhale, the diaphragm contracts and moves up, moving air out of the lungs. The inhale happens as a result of letting go of the contraction the diaphragm (which is passive, you simply release the tension in the muscle and air rushes in to fill the vacuum created by the exhale, making the inhalation even/equal, but not active). You are not actively pushing the abdomen out on the inhale. Relax the belly on the inhale 🙂

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