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  • Jaime Barajas 7 years ago

    I m fascinated with these excercises when r u loading more videos ¿ anytime soon?

  • David B 7 years ago

    Your videos are great….and kundalini or bof is not restricted to yogi Bhajan.I like your attitude to these critics because it shows strength in your spiritualty.Theirs always room for modification to exercises geared for beginners.Also your very clear about what you are presenting here.
    Sat Nam

  • tatamagetayoneuuuiee 7 years ago

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  • Mayank Khanduri 7 years ago

    Great exercises with such simplicity

  • MaryStellaRose 7 years ago

    are you a yoga teacher? since when are you teaching? really like your vids.

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  • cymonebreathe 7 years ago

    Whoa, he’s really  cute.

  • 詳細 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲りします 7 years ago


  • TheGamerDomains 7 years ago

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  • D.M Isuru dilranga Chandrasiri 7 years ago

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  • number2combo 7 years ago

    Awesome! Only downside is every time I do the breath of fire, my gf thinks I’m masturbating so she knocks and says… “are you finished with yourself?” -__- and I yell back to her that I’m doing yoga.

  • Leah Hanoch 7 years ago

    Just great…..

  • DarKmanX0171 7 years ago

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  • tazmunece1 7 years ago

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  • 21stCenturySeeker 7 years ago

    nice video dude, you know your shit, i must say. I can sense this will be a very potent wake up call. Thanks a lot

  • Waldi111979 7 years ago

    hi, I am new to yoga in general but read about various yoga types and have choosen Kundalini. It’s weird yoga, but I want to try. I am looking for excercises which will reduce my blood preasure and give me a good portion of energy for the whole day. Also one which would develop better memeory, focus and stay calm during stressful situations at work. Is that what Kundalini could make for me?
    thanks for your answer. take care!

  • Alexandru Dumitru 7 years ago

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  • benben deano 7 years ago

    instructor does not provide clear instructions how to do breath of fire. most of the postures have only rudimentary explanations of how to perform them. i can’t imagine someone who isn’t already familiar with yoga trying to follow this and make sense of it. sorry, dude, but you need to provide better instructions for people.

  • benben deano 7 years ago

    for your specific concerns, start with yogatic’s channel. just type ‘ekhart yoga’ in the search bar. they have a video for just about anything. from your description of what you want from yoga, hatha or iyengar may be better suited for you, as kundalini is more spiritually focused. yogajournal has a little quiz to help you find the type of yoga that best suits you. good luck, and namaskar.

  • BodhisattvaChris 7 years ago

    Very nice video.
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  • MrJerkkeri 7 years ago

    Im only interested of the spiritual part. Actually i didn’t even know that people practice kundalini yoga mainly because of physical benefits.

  • Egor Volodko 7 years ago

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