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BenderFitness Q&A: How to: Run Faster, How Many Calories Do you Need, Favorite Exercise & MoreGymboss Interval Timer:




  • Melissa Bender 5 years ago

    Q & A with BenderFitness. Answering questions you left for us on Facebook!

  • liliana fuentes 5 years ago

    hey melissa how much do you weigh and whats ur height ? and do u stay lean
    all year wrong because you look pretty lean and if so if ur prepping for a
    competition how much weight do u have to lose

  • Gloria Avilez 5 years ago

    My macros are 1500 calories. It’s true about the 1200 calories…its
    brutal. I was on 1200 calories and working out 6 days, it was horrible! I
    was always hungry and not losing one pound. 

  • Kris B. 5 years ago

    Thanks guys for this video! Very informative, got some good usefull
    information ☺️

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