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Breathing is very important in yoga for connecting the mind and body. Learn how to do yoga breathing exercises with tips from a certified yoga instructor in …




  • ignatzRat 7 years ago

    Oh I get it! This is a typesetting video for Microsoft Word.

  • Timugin Othman 7 years ago

    Good Exercise ! Very Useful. Thank You !

  • Timugin Othman 7 years ago

    Good Exercise. Very Useful. Thank You !

  • sparky72806 7 years ago

    i saw some of your other videos, and you have a great curvy body, and now with this video, its proven that you have a pretty face too! what a plus! dont mean to be unproffessional, but i thought you deserved some compliments. thanks for some sexy excercise moves

  • exemption100 7 years ago

    see seems happy..

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