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  • levcimac 7 years ago

    Love the video Dena. You’re passion for Yoga shines through in every asana you do. Thanks!

  • Tomorer 7 years ago

    Teachers are masters of their art… if U can’t teach it, U are not a master.

  • sloppymantis 7 years ago

    eh master schmaster.. I never considered being a master of things.. i will just practice til im dead.. but I can’t agree with you because teaching is really a separate skill.. I teach things all the time and yet never claim to be a master… and things I can do with ease I have a hard time transmitting to others.. so even just with me as an example I can not agree fully with you. if we all waited to be masters before teaching and sharing.. many concepts would have died with people long ago

  • Tomorer 7 years ago

    Well… U get good and bad teachers :90

  • sloppymantis 7 years ago

    haha indeed indeed.. i disagreed but not confrontationally.. perhaps consider a person has a basic concept or idea.. .. if they share it with 10 others then you have 11 minds contemplating it.. refining it.. I’m really into refining.. not changing things for personal bias or worthless words like culture or tradition.. but refine with purpose to reduce wasted movements or thoughts and simplifying.. Contemplate this.. how can you tell if a teacher is a bad teacher?

  • sloppymantis 7 years ago

    Of course! I should have known there was purpose behind it. I think maybe the mic / audio of the video affects the sound.. it probably doesnt sound here like it does to you. but I have encountered a kid who did a very similar thing in their chosen martial arts.. it is to control breathing.. I found it kind of weird at first.. I thought he was getting agitated with me lol

  • Sasha Cornish 7 years ago

    it bugs me how she breaths between every bloody word!

  • Sasha Cornish 7 years ago

    jen’s are best she sounds happy and not annoying and tells us how to do things not tell us our glutes are not open, so its pointless !

  • denamaddie 7 years ago

    You can’t please everyone lol!

  • Mary Hollis 7 years ago

    I am new to yoga, so I found this to be very helpful as I am trying to learn the poses. Thanks!

  • Kyli craig 7 years ago

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  • kanbotama amine 7 years ago

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  • denamaddie 7 years ago

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  • all4weightloss22 7 years ago

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