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  • Gustavo Jardim 7 years ago

    Great video guys. I’m going to look for an instructor here in Brazil, although this video is very complete!

  • Pathy K 7 years ago

    Hi there, Great video many thanks. Can you please tell, what kind of food yoga recommends ?

  • Nara D'angelis 7 years ago

    is it normal to feel dizzy? and sweating hands?

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    I would say ease off a bit if your dizzy. I don’t think that sweating hands are such a bit deal. With yoga you can expect a bit of sweat at times.

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Yoga diet and modern diet are a couple of different things. It could be the New modern yoga diet it the best way to go.

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Thank for helping us get Yoga out there !!

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Thanks we have had quite a few people where this Yoga video has really added value.


  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    From and ultimate sense this could work. But from a health perspective its probably not the best.

  • Nara D'angelis 7 years ago

    Thank you sooooo much! I am so much better of the dizzy and sweating hands. I think it is my damn anxiety! I am so happy I am doing these series everyday.. The only thing I feel after I started was pain in my muscles in thorax, because I never put strength on them. I will continue! My damn anxiety is going away from my life! Thanks! 🙂

  • ThaLynx 7 years ago

    How many times a week should this be done?

  • Damian Ticalenco 7 years ago

    Great video!!! Thank you very much.

  • Ivan Shepetov 7 years ago

    Good day! I’m Michael.I did -45 lbs last one week.More here

  • Vova Petrivski 7 years ago

    Seems interesting, but  .I did -30 lbs last one week.More here

  • theGrouch89 7 years ago

    I am a complete beginner as far as yoga goes and i was wondering if some more experienced practitioners could share some insight as to how yoga has benefited them in their lives since they have started and in which ways specifically. I know there are plenty but i’m just curious to hear what i can look forward to from a broader base of people as i am completely ignorant to the practice (but not for long!). Thank you in advance!

  • theGrouch89 7 years ago

    May i ask how? Sounds like a strange question but i’m just curious!

  • Doubleshot98 7 years ago

    yes, I started with this routine about 5 times a week and it sent me on a new path. I began to desire healthy food options and mediation started to become a daily activity. My new peace of mind has enhanced my relationships, work, and overall appreciation for life. I come back and do this routine every few weeks even though I’ve progressed to a more advanced practice. Yoga is a mental workout just as much as it is a physical one for me. Good luck

  • theGrouch89 7 years ago

    That is beautiful. I guess you could say i’m in the infancy stage of trying to do everything you just mentioned. I have these bursts of inspiration to start yoga but i always put it off until “next week”. But not anymore. Thank you for replying friend, much appreciated.

  • Dhanpal Reddy 7 years ago

    thank you very much presenting this video,i really got it how to make yoga and i will make regular practice.

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Its best to do a Yoga class about 4 times per week. More if you have time. If your doing it more it pays to vary it like the classes over at

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Thanks Dhanpal.


  • michael E. 7 years ago

    gracias por la clase :) la practicare todos los días.

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Put of the Putting it off and start 🙂

  • Fofiko oo 7 years ago

    video was wo helpful, thanks

  • DeltaComp 7 years ago

    Excellent video. And I wished I lived in New Zealand. You have such a beautiful country.

  • FreeYogaVideos 7 years ago

    Yes New Zealand is a great spot thanks 🙂

  • triciainthegarden 7 years ago

    Hello again…I was just wondering if you had produced another video which would be a follow on from this one…with thanks and best wishes

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