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  • Helen Fong 7 years ago

    this is a wonderful bed yoga sequence. I also do similar poses in the morning except for the twists. I’ll do that now. At night, I do a legs-up-the-wall flow before I go to bed. Great work, Penny! I love how you bring yoga off the mat! Functional yoga for daily life.

  • peterxepapas 7 years ago

    thanku I needed the help. awesome

  • se421mika 7 years ago

    thanks, this is really help. 😀 I just tried to follow you and I like. 🙂 It’s not difficult and short time but I feel something refresh now!

  • iva bradvica 7 years ago

    hahaha,  the dog is raping the pillow

  • Grim121Reaper 7 years ago

    nice vid

  • TurquesaLulila 7 years ago

    I love your dog!!!!!!!!!! so cute!!!

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