Added by on August 6, 2013 finds out some basic Yoga poses for beginners looking to get started in this great workout. Subscribe to our new dedicated WatchMojo…




  • yurishan1994 7 years ago


  • mandydancerful 7 years ago

    Ohh thanks! I wanted to see where the arms came to on the back during the camel pose,I have a YogaZone dvd which is great,but it didnt show the back during the camel pose,so I was a little off on it,thank you so much!……the rest was great too!

  • spc4u2nv 7 years ago

    nice vid, Ive never seen yoga that I thought I could do.

  • dithbmine1 7 years ago


  • crispycrab 7 years ago

    Way too fast.

  • sharlleen2009 7 years ago

    Well explained!

  • DiJey Andrei 7 years ago

    mirror effect from 00:05 to 00:15

  • sodafromyoda 7 years ago

    Cat pose? Round these parts we call that doggy style.

  • jerzeq3 7 years ago

    Hell yeah doggy style pose aka crouching tiger, who’s your daddy

  • Gross LordPark 7 years ago

    standing camel toes?

  • Melissa K 7 years ago

    You can pause it.

  • Ali Raza 7 years ago

    I think I’m in love…

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