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In this video, learn to let your practice feel joyful and light as you build the strength needed for Astavakrasana. Visit for more…




  • James Reyes 7 years ago

    I love to be in a yoga class with those two ladies.

  • hakirby 7 years ago

    it was a really fun practice, wasn’t it?

  • yogahongkong 7 years ago

    superb.. such good queuing techniques.. thanks !

  • kshatrani7 7 years ago

    Very good! But this is not YOGA. Ussualy ASANA is a static pose did for more than 1 min. Ussualy more than 10 mins.. or more depends on how the ASANA is. The secret is .. to CLOSE THE EYES and to feel the energies how they come into the body and energies CHAKRAS – open them and feel them.. and the specifical energies for every CHAKRA. But for gymnastik what is this.. its wondeerful exercise. Thank you.,

  • serenebean30 7 years ago

    Attempted this yesterday, even though I’m a semi-beginner….boy, am I sore today! Excellent teaching methods. I was amazed how much I could do when I just trusted myself and just to try without judgment. Can’t wait to master these poses!

  • bekajoi 7 years ago

    She looks so excited she got it!!! I just want to clap and squeal a bit for her! Going to try this once I let my dinner digest a wee bit longer. 🙂

  • tylerfeetcore2 7 years ago

    Oh the things I would do to lick and smell her feet, Hee Hee!

  • tylerfeetcore2 7 years ago

    Both girls, WOW!

  • xitsox 7 years ago

    Very good practice and sequence and the explanations are super! Thank you 🙂

  • consciencedivine 7 years ago

    hum hum hum hum non stop, it’s totally ridiculous and unbearable

  • Melissa Pereira 7 years ago

    Every tipe of Yoga should be respectful. Most if you practice Yoga. At the end all work for the same final or state. Dont criticize if you are a yogui. Everyone should find the tipe of practice that its more accord to you. This is vinyasa flow. Its a type of practice that its a liniage of ashtanga and iyengar so its not stupid or a new invention. Its respectable!!!

  • ryze spence 7 years ago

    i know man i was thinking the same thing footjob woould be nice

  • magicbindi 7 years ago

    I love these YJ Mag vids, love the detailed instruction, great attention to detail and excellent progressions, many many thanks, so grateful!!!

  • Shar Pei 7 years ago

    I thought this was great… a bit of a challenge for me, but was happy to come close to the final pose… just makes me want to keep on practicing 🙂 Thank you. Namaste!

  • nourished_soul 7 years ago

    I like how they showed the process of learning and mastering a pose! Brilliant

  • Coraline LTB 7 years ago

    Awesome video

  • 707kiki707 7 years ago

    i have an odd question; ever since I’ve been practicing my handstands (i’m pretty decent at it now) I’ve noticed my breast have become fuller… My mom who practices yoga suggests that being upside down and working different muscles is causing this. Is this possible?

  • fitnesswithjeremy 7 years ago

    yoga is great

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