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practice along with lap top. free guided ashtanaga yoga 1st series led by Peter Hurley next video has seated and finishing poses.




  • Lydia Lindén 7 years ago

    Did u miss that he said it’s a prayer to yourself?…A prayer to your inner guru is what he said. He never said to any god from the Hindu religion.

  • MrAlpha235 7 years ago

    ur an ass for misunderstanding that Hindu philosophy is only to do with Gods – the very concept of a prayer to inner self is a Hindu concept..did u miss when he says prayer should nt be offensive to any other religion?? Do u think Yoga & Hinduism are ot related to each other?? Ur ignorant if u do coz u westerners are hell bent on stealing everything that sgood from Hinduism & claiming it as urs…go get ur own ideas from ur is mentioned in all Hindu scriptures unlike in bible

  • Lydia Lindén 7 years ago

    Well you must be ignorant to reply to someone you don’t know the 1st thing about as an ‘ass’ You’re just drawing an awful lot of assumptions. 1 being about how I think yoga and Hinduism are related, 2 for jumping to the conclusion I am Christian…3 for dragging all ‘westerners’ over a cliff because you seem to think we all have the same beliefs, which by the way, is a tad bit racist 🙂 In my initial comment I didn’t claim to know nor practice any of what you assume. I pointed out what was said.

  • MrAlpha235 7 years ago

    well listen again to what he says & the make comments to for westerners did u never hear of the way catholic & other churches are throwing out yoga in uk becoz its part of the Hindu philosophy? majority of u westrenrs hv made yoga into some type of work out for reducing ur fat butts instd of understanding the way it was for the gr8 ancient vedic seers of India

  • Peter Hurley 7 years ago

    It is only the voice of our egos that causes us to think we are separate and different. Through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga we remove that veil of illusion (Maya) that hides us from our true nature. The modern day father of this practice SKP Jois taught westerners the 3rd limb – Asanas, first before Yama, and Niyama, because we need the physical purification that comes from Asana practice. Automatically we will want to live pure lives and relate to all living beings with love – (Ahimsa)

  • Peter Hurley 7 years ago

    the full practice (2 hours) is available on the website :
    ww (dot) ashtangayogavideos (dot) com

  • jamesaplus 7 years ago

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  • brand patapee 7 years ago

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  • TheSunnyjen79 7 years ago

    OMG and again first page of comments about religion. I am so tired of this. Youtube should all get you blocked.

  • rafibella 7 years ago

    @Peter thank you for these video, they are really great and the graphic explanation make them very precise. It’s just a pity in my opinion that your not guiding the flow of postures with your voice: if you don’t know the flow already you have to keep looking at the monitor and that’s not very conveniente, you end up missing bits and pieces. Perhaps you could record the voice over the video what do you think? Just suggestions 🙂 thanks anyway!

  • Ivan Nikolov 7 years ago

    Mr.Hurley how long time you practice?

  • Berta Sandu 7 years ago

    This is the best yoga video ever! I love it! Thank you for helping people practice yoga in their own homes!

  • V1sual3y3z 7 years ago

    where can I find the prayer written out and perhaps translated? I’d like to learn it.

  • Milos Simonovic 7 years ago

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  • Gintaras Radzevicius 7 years ago

    Aciu Petia. Thank you Peter.

  • hari haridas 7 years ago

    om namaste
    and you’re not chosen by the 10 best yogis of america???

    from belgium
    anahatayoga (core ashtanga)

  • mrmaytung 7 years ago

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  • ABC2691 7 years ago

    Hello Peter Sir, this is ur new Indian fan. Im absolutely awestruck by the technicality of ur yogaasana. Loved it to the core. The fluidity that comes along in ur posture is worth a million praises. I found ur video to be highly motivating. Please keep up the good work. Hope to c thousands of more videos from ur side in coming times. God bless you.

  • YogaChk 7 years ago

    Good stuff!

  • Al Latif Shenmen 7 years ago

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  • Bonina Skrijelj 7 years ago

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  • Lakshika Sanjeewani 7 years ago

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  • Yoga Yoghismo Nogales 7 years ago

    Excelent guide

  • adrian palomino 7 years ago

    very nice class

  • Gleisy Coimbra 7 years ago

    Thank you Peter. Very nice class. Congrats.

  • lungtasustainable 7 years ago

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  • lungtasustainable 7 years ago

    tres bon cours tks ..continuer à diffusiser
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  • tomerreich 7 years ago

    i really appreciate your effort, but many asanas are poor on aligment, i really like when you noticed it and comented it, but i belive that is really important for begginers to understand the proper aligment, and by looking at this video they could be mislid…

  • silverfire1980 7 years ago

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  • jelkicamala 7 years ago

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  • Akekris 7 years ago

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  • Nicolas Delord 7 years ago

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  • Andreas Noleto 7 years ago

    Your videos have helped me a lot to improve in the details, such as breathing, dristis, and transitions. It became very clear and didactic. Thank you for your valuable contribution, congratulations for your work!

  • Sara James 7 years ago

    what? he said bum!! 517 thumb up for bum 🙂

  • sammara24 7 years ago

    Love your videos! thank you

  • Adolfo Caselles 7 years ago

    I think is fine to change things in your personal practice but i dont like when teachers change it to look better.

  • Igor Mahnov 7 years ago

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  • Igor Pechkin 7 years ago

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