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My teacher recently added these 3 postures. Rough stuff! Documenting my journey. Will make a video again in a couple of months to see the changes. First pose…




  • kostayoga 7 years ago


  • kostayoga 7 years ago

    Love you too! Thank you for watching ­čÖé my teacher is not Kino but I have studied with her. Shes amazing ´╗┐

  • kostayoga 7 years ago


  • DreamWizard9 7 years ago

    Awesome flexibility!!!!
    If´╗┐ i did this, i’d break in two! LOL 8]

  • ILoveValenciaOranges 7 years ago

    Did you get´╗┐ this flexable purely through yoga?

  • MrStevem121 7 years ago

    You look like´╗┐ you have great strength. Your legs almost don’t seem part of you when your putting em behind your head.

  • Helena Love 7 years ago

    holy shit!!! incredible, good job girl:)) I <3 it, and you have beautiful flower tattoo on your leg. I'm quite beginner in yoga despite the fact that I have been practising it for´╗┐ some time... gonna make my sessions more intense probably to at least learn headstand finally,lol! much love and blessings <3

  • StrugglingHealthNut 7 years ago

    I thought sirsasana was headstand. ´╗┐ Interesting that the name is included in 2 of the asana that you are doing.

  • Choose2Feel 7 years ago

    whoaaaa you made me trip over here! how long have you been´╗┐ practicing? you’re wicked.

  • Cidril 7 years ago

    Amazing! Good job!´╗┐ ­čśÇ <3

  • Christopher Ensminger 7 years ago

    Looks tough.´╗┐

  • jammatoonarmy 7 years ago

    its´╗┐ time I started my yoga practices´╗┐ agen…

  • Ryan S 7 years ago

    That is impressive.:]´╗┐

  • Remy Starseed 7 years ago

    3:02´╗┐ blew my mind!

  • Toni Marin 7 years ago

    I was in a state of expectation during the whole video,´╗┐ literally holding my breath… so awesome ! I really hope to do that some day <3

  • samantha walters 7 years ago

    what other kinds of exercising do´╗┐ you do? or is it just yoga? because you look like you’re in great shape. and you’re beautiful too!

  • nattynativekid17 7 years ago

    What´╗┐ discipline.

  • thesparkwithinus 7 years ago


  • RapidCycling07 7 years ago

    right´╗┐ on dude!

  • Ivan Nikolov 7 years ago

    This´╗┐ is very nice practice,how long have you been practising.I strted 15 months ago and I realy like Ashtanga,I hope to reach your level .Namaste

  • Sandy Garcia 7 years ago

    Wow! Beast mode´╗┐

  • Andrew Levin 7 years ago

    tattoos can cause allergy problems,´╗┐ I wouldn’t get any more ! i have to say I don’t actually see the point of yoga and wonder about long term joint damage?

  • rdrstar 7 years ago

    Amazing. But´╗┐ ouch.

  • Daniel Christian 7 years ago

    I can do this once, then ER´╗┐

  • jose castillo 7 years ago


  • HopeAndSprinkles 7 years ago

    Ew. I can do this, but never realized how gross it looks from´╗┐ the viewpoint of other people… o_o

  • DocScience2 7 years ago

    You have done an amazing video. I would be afraid one would get stuck in one of those positions. ´╗┐

  • cspace1234nz 7 years ago

    Your face is not soft and exhalation typically ‘hard’, this is little other than show-pony gymnastics ! ´╗┐

  • NuclearNympho 7 years ago


  • nature10879 7 years ago

    You should participate in´╗┐ AGT (America got talent)

  • nature10879 7 years ago

    You should participate in AGT (America got´╗┐ talent)

  • nature10879 7 years ago

    You should participate in´╗┐ Agt (America got talent)

  • nature10879 7 years ago

    You should participate in Agt (America got´╗┐ talent)

  • nature10879 7 years ago

    You should participate in America got talent´╗┐

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