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The Yoga Journal podcast is a free, online yoga class by Kathryn Budig that provides intelligent, accessible, and effective yoga videos for students of all l…




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  • Faith Aeryn 7 years ago

    Super helpful and informative. Thank you!

  • raddrebbs 7 years ago

    thank you so much! your routine inspired an arm balance breakthrough for me. your flow eases into the inversions perfectly, it was just what I needed.

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  • Karam Gill 7 years ago

    excellent. subscribed

  • wldhrt4evr 7 years ago

    Where can I purchase CD’s of these videos?

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  • jr munion 7 years ago

    nice ?:” i like that work?

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  • Jon Rom 7 years ago

    great video! perfectly targeted warmup, great poses!

  • OMdogOM 7 years ago

    Om music for yoga

  • Jon D. 7 years ago

    when she says “smallest arm balance in the world” i fell in love with her, in a superficial way

  • A Baskaran 7 years ago

    Your instructions are very clear every step of the way. The demonstrator does it gracefully too. Thank You

  • dina wulan 7 years ago

    best yoga video ever!

  • Robyn Smith 7 years ago

    I liked how you explain introductory poses. For instance, I can’t do side crow yet. I find side chair to be rather miserable. Now I see that I need to step back and keep working on the other poses first and find my way to the balances later.

  • Kaity Clements 7 years ago

    This was amazing! I had so much fun. It helped my mind really learn what arm balancing was. It’s funny how you think something works, and then seeing how it actually works. Thank you so much! I loved this, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more.

  • gamemaster6276 7 years ago

    All this shit for those dumb arm balances!
    What a waste of time!
    Btw someone is enjoying her poses a bit to much.

  • benjamin gehrmann 7 years ago

    Anyone masturbating to this viedo? =DDD

  • beremita 7 years ago

    malasana – excrement pose. where did garland come from? anyone know?

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  • Emma Manos 7 years ago

    Thank you for this class, i love your enthusiasm and the way you take her through the sequence. lesson learned… don’t jump into side crow just cause it looks good :p

  • labobo 7 years ago

    Feels like the flesh of the back of my arm is getting ripped of by the weight of the lower body. Must not be doing it right 🙁

    Good video. although some more details would have been nice. eg How not to do it. What muscles are supposed to be used and which aren’t, etc.

    Waiting for that face-plant to come. I’ve put a pillow at a strategic position just in case.
    Better a pillow than a hard floor.

  • ohlookitsnat 7 years ago

    she makes it look so easy :O

  • Sanny Soedjatmiko 7 years ago

    Hi, Katherine, I tend to fall to the right. How to deal with that? I like this video… great!! Thank you!

  • Sal Smith 7 years ago

    Perfect timing; was not too fast or too slow. This was very informative.

  • VeeBee81 7 years ago

    How long will it take to STOP collapsing onto my HEAD!!!

  • Alexia B 7 years ago

    that side lift is hard! but I could do the front lift! I was surprised I could do it! great relaxing video!

  • Alexia B 7 years ago

    when I did the side lift, I thought my arm was going to break! # have to build more muscle!

  • romin cool 7 years ago

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  • Madison Young 7 years ago

    1:07 looks so wrong.

  • tiadancestar 7 years ago

    More like 9:27

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