Added by on August 6, 2013 Arm Balance Yoga, Crow Pose is quite a challenging pose, but fun to do. Want to learn more on this yoga pose, check out my step by …




  • CowboyBebop444 7 years ago


  • Silverstarlightt 7 years ago

    Thanks Esther (:
    This looks super hard; I can’t even hold regular crow/crane pose for very long..

  • lamambanegra123 7 years ago

    looks fun but hard :/

  • mlbm13 7 years ago

    more difficult poses please 😀
    amazing teacher

  • JIM H. 7 years ago

    Its very hart to do that lol

  • Darkeh112 7 years ago

    And then… .. You fly.

  • Elaina Panesso 7 years ago

    ..jeez i try those moves and i fall on my face :/ lol

  • rorkimaru 7 years ago

    I was doing the easier one earlier on. Didn’t think it was even possible to do it without resting on both arms. Gona have to try this pose =D

  • rorkimaru 7 years ago

    Yay I did it =D happy face is happy. Thats quite a challenging pose like you said. You really have to have faith that you won’t fall on your face even though you lean further than you think you can. Surprisingly easy to come out of though.

    Thanks for an awesome new pose Ester!

  • workwillfreeyou 7 years ago

    Thanks Esther, Great videos. What a spectacular athlete you are. You are a perfect example of what a healthy life style can do for you. And very beautiful. Please talk about your diet. As this is as important as anything. And obviously you do a great job with yours.

  • Ana Villanueva 7 years ago

    amazing!! you make it look so easy 😀

  • TheFrenchiesRock 7 years ago

    i tried doing this once and fell flat on my face. that hurt.

  • Kodjo Hounnake 7 years ago

    Very graceful and amazing routine – nothing to do with my workouts! Great stuff Esther!

  • BlueSwingDog 7 years ago

    Seems pretty easy when you do it, hopefully one day I can do this too 🙂

  • Elaina Panesso 7 years ago

    lol no, i turn my head to the side and fall on the side ;p i’m sure it looks as funny as it feels haha

  • Anonymous0Mr0V 7 years ago

    good exercises.. will try out a bunch of them to practice some balance/strength for my breakdance:P:

  • raniel dios 7 years ago


  • Deposetheboyking 7 years ago

    I laugh too when I fall down doing these! Just get up and try again. 🙂

  • jx14aby 7 years ago

    Not me. I crash.

  • sondu123 7 years ago

    i did it ^_^

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