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Yoga Journal conferences are a great place to start a yoga practice, deepen a yoga practice, or learn about different yoga styles. This video is a demonstrat…




  • PumaYoga 7 years ago

    Don’t be a hater. If you’ve never studied with her, you don’t know what you’re missing. She is an amazing teacher with a ton of insight; Ms. Forrest works with injuries, shows modifications and works with students to move deeper into their poses.
    I agree with you; not everyone can do these poses; but what is the harm in watching someone that can? Kudos to them!
    Forrest Yoga is REAL and IS for everyone.

  • pietro scorsone 7 years ago

    about prof. De Rose: he starts to teach on 1960, at age of 16 years old

  • Aidan Rainsford 7 years ago

    Don’t see the point of this at all…performance yoga?? this would be run of the mill down at your local circus!

  • yogandclimber 7 years ago

    where does it say she’s enlightened? Sure she’s genetically gifted but she still needs to do it to get the benefits. I’m sure she can also do your 13 poses for your health.

  • Douglas E Knapp 7 years ago

    I am a Bujinkan teacher. Money is the key to learning more and helping more people. You get that by doing demonstrations that get people excited about the art. I can tell you that our demos are not the same as our teaching. In demos we do fun crazy movie like stuff. We telegraph punches so the watches can see what is happening. At the same time we really try to show what our art is about. I am sure she is doing the same. This is an ad for her teaching and her school to find new students.

  • nicoles926 7 years ago

    i studied with this woman and she helped me immensely. you state to know so much about yoga, what about compassion and lovingkindness? don’t judge so quickly especially if you know nothing about them. ahimsa,= nonharming and is applicable in all situations. If you look in light on yoga, he “performs”, as you put it. by the way, the yoga masters Pattabhi Jois and BKS Iyengar took themselves and their families to “perform” all across India. What lineage do you follow? 13 important asanas

  • johnferinal 7 years ago

    She is not genetically gifted. She had a lot of sickness, and, through yoga, she gained healthy and comes to this level. Yoga practice and benefits are very underestimated in the US, so passionate people like her do these tours and events to spread the knowledge of yoga to other people. It is indeed inspiring to a lot of people to continue practitcing yoga to get to her level. Stop all the hating.

  • Ryan2Ryan22 7 years ago

    Yoga Journal sucks. If you have anything to do with YJ… then you suck. This is nice performance art though.

  • macjimjava 7 years ago

    Is the music and WWF pants really part of yoga?

  • Nigriff 7 years ago

    lol the pony-tail is like a little tripod.. . Cool stuff. . . Inspirational !

  • Oleg Flow 7 years ago

    So much fire ~

  • Justin Ayres 7 years ago

    Ana Forrest is about deep movement. I am grateful to see this video of one of the greatest healers I have ever met.

  • Justin Ayres 7 years ago

    @Olegflow: absolutely. But was there ever a moment when the fire induced carelessness? –I think not.

  • Peter Humes 7 years ago

    she uses gloves

  • Yogini Bodrum 7 years ago

    I think we need to forget cloths and brands and see the reality any one who do yoga is respectful and lovely . don’t be jealous and make yourself stronger in this path. we are all the health and peace fighters and we all one.

  • sadaka201 7 years ago

    Not one Surya Namaskara (vinyasa) but nice athletic skills….

  • TheSilvertini 7 years ago

    She’s doing this at nearly 60 years old! She was born with serious physical problems and when she was an adult she had a terrible back problem and could barely move for years. This is amazing! Read her book, Fierce Medicine. it is fantastic.

  • Tyler Zanetti 7 years ago


  • Ljomi 7 years ago

    OH. MY. GOD!! She is Cirque du SO AMAZING!!! She’s so incredible I have goosebumps. Seriously. That’s *impossible* – looking ,and yet, it’s unfolding *right* before my eyes….*swoon*! I want to do those moves. Well, now I have something to aim for!! WOW!!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!! 😀

  • kindadreamer 7 years ago

    I would love to be as good in my yoga practice, it will be part of my journey

  • Ducatiboy73 7 years ago

    WHO can hate on Ana? She and her style of yoga is amazing. Because of injuries I may never be able to do some of these poses, still I practice on. I look forward to studying with her in 2012

  • knagual 7 years ago

    does anyone know who sings this song?

  • eishakarol 7 years ago

    It is so funny that people are watching this and saying it is the work of a contortionist. This is a woman’s triumph over being born crippled with genetic adversity through her own hard work, commitment to personal transformation and path as a teacher and living example of what can be achieved with a warrior spirit. If that is not yoga, I don’t know what is!

  • Marcus J 7 years ago

    I like the postures, I honestly do, I just felt like the vibe of the demonstration was a bit whimsical. If you see David Swenson demonstrate you can see the focus and internal attention. His mind is steady on his drishti and breath. I didn’t get that vibe at all from this video. I saw some foot taping and an outward display. I’m sorry but that’s how I perceived it.

  • Cristina Bojorquez 7 years ago

    I’m reading she was born in 1956!!!!!! Gosh, she’s so inspirational.

  • Ona Luna 7 years ago

    If you mean that being crippled by childhood deformities is a “genetic gift,” then I’d say there is nothing BETTER than Ana using that “gift” to inspire her on her journey — in teaching, inspiring and healing others.

  • Ona Luna 7 years ago

    After reading some of her articles, and because of testimonies such as yours, I’m inspired to try it!

  • Ona Luna 7 years ago

    Does it really matter what they do — or what you “guess” they do — in India? Are Americans not permitted to benefit from yoga in their own way?

  • Deposetheboyking 7 years ago

    The first yoga class I ever tried was Forrest Yoga. I felt completely overwhelmed at the time and decided it was “too hard” and that I should “try something easier”. No matter what else I tried, I kept feeling drawn back to that class. It is always a challenge, but it is my favorite. It has helped me figure out “I can” in so many ways. I’m reading her book right now and have been even more amazed what a gifted teacher and healer she is!

  • laure189 7 years ago

    Regardless of how true to traditional yoga this is, I am in Awe! She is one strong, impressive, gorgeous and inspiring woman!

  • ThoreauTUBE 7 years ago

    Western Yoga is a mess . When i see here yoga i think thats true

  • billizzard 7 years ago

    still better than you at freestyle soccer

  • billizzard 7 years ago

    i spoke to her . i had the hole class laughfing, said somthing like you a freak. na not really, i think i said somthing like when you do that spider move you looked like some

  • pickselartz 7 years ago

    hey the girl from blue thunder still doin it good. yeah!

  • Khoi Nguyen 7 years ago

    OMG , She’s so magical O.o 😡 , There are lots of poses that I can try , thanks for sharing 😡 😡

    I’ve been practicing Yoga for 2 years now , and still have lots to learn , but I can say that I’m much better than I used to be . So , stop thinking that you can’t do it , just try it and stay with it XD

  • Ray Rizzo 7 years ago

    Dear haters and praisers. Her form is excellent. Advanced Hatha Yoga takes tremendous concentration and integration; so does any sport at a high level. When yoga becomes something more is when that training is applied universally, that is, to the mastery of life on all Chakras and all levels. Otherwise join the circus.

  • Sean Abplanalp 7 years ago

    Actually anyone that can do that IS genetically gifted. Based on the human skeleton, if your head of fibula and greater trochanter can’t move around your acetabulum and pelvis due to bone on bone contact, there is no way you could do this. I do not deny her life growth through struggle, but you are denying her gifts that not all have.

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