Added by on August 6, 2013 Follow Pilates instructor Cassey Ho as she works you through a series of stretches to increase your flexibility and lengthen tight …




  • Chantabalay 7 years ago

    WOW. I’m so happy I’m eighteen. Idk why this is age restricted… That’s dumb :l

  • SiDeWaYsHaPpYfAcE 7 years ago

    i think its age restricted because one of the stretches requires you to bring up and separate both legs as wide as possible. And while doing this, she is facing the camera lol Its a guess. Other than that, theres nothing in the video that requires the restriction.

  • maccrazygirl 7 years ago

    More stretching videos please. I use the two I’ve found on here everyday before and after workout. Getting boring. Yet it’s necessary! More more more please!

  • cantbeatTheBeatles 7 years ago

    Is it normal for my foot to fall asleep during the part with the strap?

  • lakalakadakabear 7 years ago

    I didn’t get much back stretch.. But my legs feel awesome! Haha. Off to bed now.

  • Hannah Gander 7 years ago

    My feet do that sometimes too!

  • LifeisaLullaby 7 years ago

    I could not do that last one! :p I just kept rolling on my back like a spinal cord stretch :p

  • Poppy Cook 7 years ago

    Haha same.. I got my legs up and immediately rolled backwards -_-

  • Lucy Nieto 7 years ago

    Shoulder down, arm stretched into the air *waiting for Cassy’s next command until realized video stopped* -_-

  • Rochelle Fussel 7 years ago

    Songs by Air. So Light is Her Footfall, Cherry Blossom Girl, Alone in Kyoto.

  • 15lightn 7 years ago

    Probably because she spreads her legs pretty far towards the camera. Just stretching. You can watch it on her website!

  • 15lightn 7 years ago

    Probably because she spreads her legs pretty far towards the camera. Just stretching. You can watch it on her website!

  • Shialover23 7 years ago

    Day 16. I’m not flexible ._. But it felt good lol

  • Brenda Anaya 7 years ago

    Sometimes I feel eehhhhh when I can’t do a certain move, but then when I read the comments and see that I’m not the only one I get happy because we all started this together and we should end strong xD Oh and I rolled like a ball towards the end too so what I did was just spread my legs out while I was sitting down and just held onto my heels instead of rolling and trying to do the exact move… It was still a good stretch

  • soccergames26 7 years ago

    dang age restriction!

  • EverythingLina 7 years ago

    i looooooove this workout… it hurts so goooooddd!!!

  • shama316 7 years ago

    lmao, I was doing so good until you cracked that joke about the last pose being a screen shot. seriously could not stop laughing. lol.

  • Bryony Garrett 7 years ago

    I find at 2:20 (when the arm goes under and you rest on your shoulder) that im always resting on my head and cant actually get my shoulder to the floor. Obviously I don’t want all that weight resting on my head! Any suggestions? x

  • TheZarahLee 7 years ago

    Cassey can you plaza make like I dunno a pg version of this cuz It’s day seventeen and I can’t do this cuz of the dam age restriction /;

  • TheZarahLee 7 years ago


  • Julia Doyle 7 years ago

    omg I’m so inflexible :'(

  • Mary Rose 7 years ago

    did anyone did this workout exactly the way she did it? because i can’t.. :/

  • Serfina George 7 years ago

    wtheck :/ its a stretching video … what’s the need for an age restriction?

  • Serfina George 7 years ago

    blogilates. com/videos/7258007913
    you can view it on here!

  • xoiheartyou 7 years ago

    i fell on my back so many times trying to do the last stretch LOL

  • Enjelleek 7 years ago

    To those falling backwards: try doing this on a bed. I do all my pilates exercises on my bed, and I did not fall when holding the two legs up.

  • Sandypants124 7 years ago


  • Hungryboyz1 7 years ago

    Last stretch the best dive straight in guys!

  • kagnomi 7 years ago

    The last stretch is the “my body is ready” pose

  • Maria dolores Parejo Casado 7 years ago

    Si son ejercicios de estiramiento porque narices está restringido es que sigo sin entenderlo de verdad…

  • Jessica Grigolato 7 years ago

    And since I am now 18 I can watch this yeeee

  • sweetcarebear90 7 years ago

    I looked like a crab for the last stretch lol It wasn’t pretty haha

  • gabbychaka 7 years ago

    If you want to watch this just type repeat after youtube in So it would be youtuberepeat in the url

  • Lee chae-rin 7 years ago

    cant do it age restricted

  • Alise Audibert 7 years ago

    can’t wait to hear some J-dilla on ur stretching videos

  • MrRiccarton 7 years ago

    i am so getting good at this…practice practice practice…one of the better stretches….do it morning and night, before and after pilates…yay

  • esotericrose 7 years ago

    i couldn’t do that last stretch! lol! I kept rolling back.

  • APetronellaB 7 years ago

    LOVED IT! Great music choice as well 🙂

  • pinkrox154 7 years ago

    *last stretch*

  • Shijhi1 7 years ago

    The last strech was so difficult, I didn’t find my balance. But this video is awesome and it’s actually relaxing ! I loved it !

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