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Advanced Yoga Poses by teachers of Yoga Vidya Gurukul, India (




  • shakti yoga 7 years ago

    beautiful namaskar at start by man in green, did you have your feet together in bhujangasana

  • rolandsc 7 years ago

    Great video. So good to see the advanced versions of the asanas. Thanks for posting. Hope there are more to come.

  • suprhomre 7 years ago

    This video is amazing I have never seen anything like this before. Thank You.

  • yumiko0017 7 years ago

    the music in the beginning sounds so nice.

  • yumiko0017 7 years ago

    whats the name of the music playing throughout this video? plz let me know asap!!!!

  • Jkelquedi 7 years ago

    that was great

  • Kimmyloca0 7 years ago

    that was insane! Wish i was that flexiable!!!!

  • DiBahi 7 years ago

    I can tell you it is a traditional Hindu hymn called
    “Mahisasura Mardini” – in Sanskrit. I dont know who is doing this rendition, I have the one by the Belluru Sisters, I have heard another by the Bombay sisters

  • yumiko0017 7 years ago

    thx dude!!!! ^_^!!!!

  • krisfup 7 years ago

    name of song pleaseeee=)

  • TH3D1R3CTOR 7 years ago

    the song is: Advanced Yoga Poses (Asanas)- Part 1 written by: Advanced Yoga Poses (Asanas)- Part 1

  • TH3D1R3CTOR 7 years ago

    Aww…i want to do this…but i was born with bones, dammit!

  • listen2watidontsay 7 years ago

    The audio in the background is :
    Shri Mahishasura-Mardhini Stotram
    It is a stotra in praise of Goddess Durga who slayed the demon Mahishasur.

  • Raul Alberto Caceres 7 years ago

    Singer is actually the mother of one of the teachers and wife of the guru from this Ashram. I spent some time there while getting my teacher’s certificate

  • Oleg Flow 7 years ago

    I like the music ~

  • bxkmt 7 years ago


  • SolarTwinLunarKing 7 years ago


  • samij520 7 years ago

    why did i have to be born with bones??? :’/

  • Kshama Raval 7 years ago

    i can easily do it

  • TruthBeKnown2 7 years ago

    My favorite part about this is people in America spend hundreds on “Yoga Clothes” And this guy is rocking cargo and Tee!

  • BeautyByCheyChey 7 years ago

    3:42 damn

  • Gently in the East 7 years ago


  • Gently in the East 7 years ago

    living in the present moment

  • Gently in the East 7 years ago

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  • KG Hammer 7 years ago

    i dont see how people think being stretched into a pretzel is relaxing

  • GuruEdward 7 years ago

    hey anyone know the song?

  • atma jnana 7 years ago

    A great video from one of the best schools of the world.True Yoga from inspiring teachers.

  • Anil thapa 7 years ago

    3:34 what is it called i do it in my breakdance i wanna know what it is called

  • ajinkya vekhande 7 years ago

    yes…its an ancient sanskrit ‘stotra’ called ‘mahishasur mardini stotram’ which in sanskrit means song of goddess durga-who is the consort of lord shiva in hindu philosophy. she is praised in the stotram for having invincible powers..

  • akalibushi 7 years ago


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