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Learn tips and techniques for mastering the arm lift lotus pose and advanced arm balance yoga positions and stretches in this free online video yoga class. E…




  • kumara guru 7 years ago

    in actual mayurasana the fingers will be pointed towards the toes

  • loveridden2002 7 years ago

    wow. you make it seem so easy! coolness

  • 280az 7 years ago

    try without elbows tucked , thats hard

  • Rohan4basu 7 years ago

    turtle freeze in breakdance

  • RedTailedTuna 7 years ago

    Show it all you want I wont be able to do that

  • samij520 7 years ago

    i tried this…. i was doing good up until :35
    and i remembered… i can’t even do a push up :/

  • aceofspaids98 7 years ago


  • TheGeek123321 7 years ago

    j’ai réussi je fait du yoga

  • LeadBeIIy 7 years ago

    I have to rest some weight on my elbows (by hugging my ribs with them), is that legit?

  • IBDQB81 7 years ago

    This is hard

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