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Learn tips and techniques for mastering the advanced flying insect pose advanced arm balance yoga position and stretches in this free how-to video on advance…




  • James Bond 7 years ago

    lovely, i can do that too!!

  • I couldn’t do that if my depended on it.

  • Goldenpill 7 years ago

    hm, nice. You should also add, or speak about what the asana is good for, and what to focus on when in this asana. Other than that i liked it. Shine on!

  • kidBoogie1 7 years ago

    bboys should definitely watch all these yoga poses

  • dentonbrowne 7 years ago

    why so? i love yoga ive just started and im able to do advanced poses, wow somethin i can do right lol jk

  • jmrunion1 7 years ago

    “…so your shoulders are under your knees…” HA! I’m attending my first yoga class tomorrow and I figured I would check some poses out, wish I wouldn’t have. I cant touch my toes now so would I ever be able to reach a point like this given that I do it often??

  • eat4nrg 7 years ago

    She made that look so easy.

  • edwardcullen885 7 years ago

    chuck norris could do this in the air

  • TaySwiftyyLover 7 years ago

    That’s not human..

  • Joslyn Powell. 7 years ago

    The Sims! :D

  • marktimmer2212 7 years ago


  • mizLuxikova 7 years ago

    uhhhhhh… i’ll work on it.

  • iloveseptember11th 7 years ago

    my hips are flexible enough but when I try to lift my legs up, I fall on my butt..why exercises can I do to increase my balance/arm strength?

  • RedTailedTuna 7 years ago

    Have you ever worried about getting stuck like that

  • irisk01 7 years ago

    that is so….

  • xSHATiN 7 years ago


  • jubyvera662 7 years ago


  • diamondgoddes s 7 years ago

    that must feel so nice

  • Hotpink51 7 years ago

    I have the same problem o.o I would say lift some weights, start off with light dumbells and keep working your way up, gradully your arm strength will build up

  • Rosanne Feeney 7 years ago


  • Ana Tskhvediani 7 years ago

    ooh myy god….will i ever get to this?….hell no :DD but still hope…

  • MorbidMistress13 7 years ago

    This is my goal too. >.< It may take forever for my arms to get that much strength though!

  • MorbidMistress13 7 years ago

    It’s about arm strength too. You’d have to have strong arms to balance your body weight on your hands while holding the position without help.

  • TheGeek123321 7 years ago

    je suis arivé youpi

  • carly flood 7 years ago

    i could already do that

  • tornalid 7 years ago

    My classmates laughed when I told them I would build strength with Max Muscle Method, but then they saw the results. Google Max Muscle Method to see their reaction. (You should see their priceless faces!)

  • Brandon Simmons 7 years ago

    wanna come to my room

  • Netko nepoznat 7 years ago

    i almost killed myself

  • taviajarvislilley9 7 years ago

    HA ha

  • taviajarvislilley9 7 years ago

    Me to

  • rennager1 7 years ago

    That’s just a taste of what humans are really capable of. Try some stuff.

  • rennager1 7 years ago

    Pectorals and deltoids…

  • rennager1 7 years ago


  • MorbidMistress13 7 years ago

    I think that’s what the other person said, I didn’t mention abdomen because I have a strong core with weak arms. :/

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