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The fastest and easiest way to look taller and feel better is to change your posture. Standing up tall, and dropping your shoulders can dramatically increase…




  • Aboobaker Siddiq 7 years ago


  • Manisha Paudel 7 years ago

    This sounds really helpfull for a girl like me. I will do it at any cost. So, please let me know how much inches I will grow after 2 months doing this continue.

  • rashini das 7 years ago

    wow you are the best yoga teacher

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago


  • MrGoldfisheyes 7 years ago

    It corrects your posture to make you look taller since most people have an incorrect slouched posture.

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago


  • historik206 7 years ago

    wow that is some sexy woman.
    Nice to watch

  • daniel pav 7 years ago

    and nice too

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago


  • Tony Pooler 7 years ago

    can i do this or any other yoga poses ithout seeing my physician?

  • daniel pav 7 years ago

    are you  married?

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    No, I’m not.

  • daniel pav 7 years ago

    I m falling inlove with you,I practised your exercises ,I like to wach you ,you are so beauty

  • Jack Parker 7 years ago

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  • serene celestine 7 years ago

    does this really work

  • Lulita Rodriguez 7 years ago

    I HATE YOU! I can’t do it TT_TT

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    Ur are so cute and so flexible im become big fan of u….

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    Within how many days we can notice change ….??how many months i should do??how many times in a day i should repeate this yoga’s for fastest and better ?/? plz plz plz plz replay me lexi….

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    You should practice yoga a few times a week for best results. These postures help to elongate your spine to improve your posture. Repeat daily for best results.

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    im doing each posture 3 times and daily 1 hour…. is it enough….if i do like this can i see change in month…. plz reply me soon lexi…. thank and love u for reply

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    by doing this yoga regularly how much tall i look… can i look atleast 1 inch taller……. plz tell me….plz replay me lexi plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Elizabeth Aikore 7 years ago

    Thanks i like this. But will this help burn some fat also?

  • Adam Sokol 7 years ago

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  • Thủy tinh Kính 7 years ago

    dear madam, thank you very much for the video, I would like to know if this poses can use for children.

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    im doing frm past 1 month hands and legs are elongate but spine and hands are not

  • Sandee Menger 7 years ago

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  • Willie Doemmerling 7 years ago

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  • xdpredshot 7 years ago

    Merci ces exercices me soulage le dos thank youuuuuu

  • TheRajDe 7 years ago

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  • mahendralamichhane12 7 years ago


  • TheLily876 7 years ago

    It will improve your posture. Most people’s legs are slightly bend and have a hunched back. Yoga and pilates will straighten out the crooked spot in your spine. It will improve your posture and making you look taller about 1 to 2 inches taller.

  • TheLily876 7 years ago

    I think it will take some time

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    means how many months im doing frm past 2 months…. how many months it takessssssssss

  • TheLily876 7 years ago

    oh ok. I watched a video of pilate instructor on youtube and she said that if you have a bad posture than it usually takes to see improvements in 5-6 months. I don’t know if you have a bad posture or good posture. But Im guessing it has improved. How many inch did you increase? I just want to know because i want to do it everyday too. did you do every excersice 3 times?

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    i do each exercises 4 times in morining… no i dont find any difference…. only one diff i found that hands, neck, are enlogated…. except that nothing i found not even half each…. doing from past 2 months…. waiting for best result

  • TheLily876 7 years ago

    Oh ok thanks! Maybe you should continue doing these and add some other excercises that improve your posture. Try pilates, I heard that people who do pilates increases their height about an inch.

  • mounica pearl 7 years ago

    pilates…. ?? in pilates which exercise i should do canu plz tell me…. plz…. coz i dont knw and i nvr heard abt pilates…. if u know can u tell …. which exercise i should do can u send link by doing which i can improve….

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